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October 27, 2013 at 11:59:04
Specs: Linux
Aspire vs 431 series - want to reset to factory settings, how can i do this. I have the windows 8 and it just is not working right. Always get limited connection and can not download updates. Alwaysfailing and ican not download 8.1... can someone help?

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October 27, 2013 at 14:58:25
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Acer Aspire Factory Recovery:

Press and hold ALT+F10 as soon as you see the Acer splash screen when booting up.

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October 27, 2013 at 16:54:25
A search in google etc. (using the search term - Aspire vs 431 series factory restore ) will bring up lots of how to... including a few on youtube as well...

This is one that I suggest you at least read - and perhaps follow - not the least because it's an Acer support site... And in the process you will learn a lot that may be useful to know anon?

and then click on the (green...) link part way down; which will take you to:

and that likely has all the information you need. I note they suggest a few things to check first - as in before you go that factory rest routine proper?

Be very aware that a factory reset routine usually wipes all your personal files too... So strongly advise you copy anything you don't wish to lose to external/optical media. Verify those copies will play on the system as - and ideally on at least one other working system. And if you have a spare external hard-drive... copy those files etc. to that as well...; and verify as above you can access them OK. Label your optical copies and put somewhere safe...Once you have rebuilt (restored) the system - you can transfer the copies of your files back from optical etc..

But wise to keep those optical etc. copies long term too; means you have some degree of file security already. Also get into the habit of making similar copies on a regular basis.

I hesitate to use the term backup here... as in truth that means something quite different to a standard copy routine - which is what I have suggested you do above. Backups (which are in code...) are not instantly accessible etc.; whereas straight copies are and can be easily accessed/read on any compatible system. Many people today use backup when they mean copy, and what they advocate is as above - simply "copy" files etc. to a secure storage medium (optical or another hard drive)....

"Phil" has given you the actual command etc. to do what you want... But as I suggest above... a little read (via Acer site) may be useful as you will learn much - for the future?

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