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Solved Acer Aspire E15 Will Not Boot Past Acer Logo

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I have tried everything I can think of, I have already read through a few other threads with the same issue but none of the fixes work for me.

It gets to the acer screen loads that little loading circle then it just goes black… I have tried pushing Alt+F 10 and it got to the acer screen and said “please wait” then the screen went black again.

I have installed Windows 8 on a USB drive and have went into the bios and enabled the boot menu as well as change the order of the boot to the USB. This got me a bit closer but still stuck. After about 10 minutes it finally went to a purple screen and a window popped up asking to install. I selected my language and clicked install, it went to another screen that says “setup is starting” and it’s been sitting this way for about 20 minutes now.

I’m out of ideas. Don’t have a clue why this is going on. This is a friend of mines computer, he said he was in the middle of playing a game and the laptop froze then something came up and then it shut off. When it booted up it wouldn’t load past the acer screen.


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  1. Try booting to Memtest86 you can burn a CD and I think it can also be run from a USB bootable flash drive. This will test your memory for problems and also let you know that the hardware in general will run (except the hard drive which is ignored at this stage.
    If the memory is good, then boot to your hard drive mfg’s utility or Seatools from Seagate (DOS version) the same as Memtest but it tests your hard drive to see if it is just the drive that you cannot install on.
    If the memory and hard drive tests OK then you may just need to delete all current partitions on the hard drive before trying to install.
    If the memory does not test good, try cleaning the contacts on the memory with a soft pencil eraser and snapping them in and out 5 or 6 times to also burnish the slot’s contacts. Then try memtest again on one stick at a time in case one stick is bad, swap and try again.

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