Windows 7 disc will not boot upon start up.

October 11, 2011 at 10:20:01
Specs: Windows 7 HP
hey guys.

I've recently had a problem with my Toshiba laptop. It was acting slow so I proceeded to do a "force shutdown" and upon turning the computer back on, it will show the Toshiba logo and the show a little white curser in the top left corner.. then nothing. It would freeze for a second then start blinking again. I've tried pressing every button: f5, f8, f2, f12, 0 (zero), and Ctrl. Nothing seems to work.

I have came across this little trendy OS called Puppy Linux. Which helped me extract mt important files off of my HDD. So now I obviously know that my HDD is not broken in any way. So after messing around with Puppy, i decided that I didn't want to download Win 7, since nothing now a days are what they seem to be, and thats why my PC was acting retarted in the first place. But anyways, I had went out and BOUGHT Windows 7 Home Premium. Which is the exact OS that came with my computer.

Now I turn on my computer, put in the 64 bit disc (yes, i have a 64 bit system), press f12 for boot options, choose cd/dvd... nothing. turn off.

turn back on, press f2 for BIOS, go to boot options, change priority to cd/dvd, save changes and exit... nothing. turn off.

Turn back on, the priorities should be the same as when I went in before, let it try to load the disc annd... nothing!!
(and when I say "nothing" I mean that little white curser is just blinking non stop.. doing Nothing)

I do not know what's wrong, or what I'm doing wrong. Or is Toshiba just grade A piece of s--- like I think it is?
Anyway you guys can help me out, I'd appreciate hella much.

I just want to get the damn thing running.

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October 11, 2011 at 13:05:11
Your laptop may be overheating.

Did the laptop also run slow when using Puppy?

You should already have a restore partition on your hard drive which would allow you to restore the laptop to the factory state. The proper keystroke/s should be shown on the screen when you first start up the laptop.

If you have ANY external devices plugged into or connected to the laptop, remove them before proceeding.

If you still want to install the version you bought, then after inserting the DVD you need to restart the laptop. Watch the screens for a message to hit any key to boot from the CD. Tap the space bar at that time to start the install.

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October 11, 2011 at 17:02:38
Not a valid assumption. "So now I obviously know that my HDD is not broken in any way "

Try to burn a DVD on another system. It shouldn't matter what distro, puppy or ubuntu opensuse or fedora or such. Then see if you system can actually read a dvd. It may be that either part of the dvd or parts connected to system have failed. See also memtest. Puppy could run on almost no memory where W7 needs way more. In any case run memtest for a day or so.

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