Solved where is the usb composite device ports on my pc?

September 7, 2015 at 19:18:00
Specs: Windows 7
I am very new at the computer and just learning. I keep getting the message that my pc would run faster if i change the usb composite device to a different port? Where is the ports located?

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September 7, 2015 at 21:52:22
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I don't know enough to answer your question, but I do
know enough to help lead you to an answer.

I wasn't sure what a "composite device" is, so I looked it up.
The top section here has just three short paragraphs, but they
contain valuable hints:

You probably already know what your "composite device" is.
Maybe a keyboard-mouse combo like the article says, or a
multifunction card reader, or a USB hub. Something plugged
into a USB port.

Your computer undoubtedly has several USB ports. If it is a
desktop or tower, it probably has USB ports on both on the
front and back. Some of these are more capable than others.
The way to find which is which likely involves looking in the
Windows Device Manager, and a bit of trial and error. Instead
of trial and error, you might find labels on your USB ports that
say which are which, but I've never seen that, so you may
need to resort to trial and error.

One way to get to Device Manager:

Start Menu
Control Panel
If just a few items are listed, click "Hardware and Sound"
Device Manager

In Device Manager, click "Universal Serial Bus Controllers".

Look closely at the list of controllers. Some say "Enhanced",
and others say "Universal". I believe that the ports labled
"Enhanced" are the more capable ports, and your device is
currently plugged into one of the "Universal" ports. You can
find out (at least vaguely) what is plugged into each of those
ports by double-clicking it to bring up the "Properties" box.

There are several tabs on each Properties box. The second
tab is "Advanced". If you click it you will find a checkbox at the
bottom that says "Tell me if my device can perform faster".
This is checked by default. If you want, you can just uncheck
that (in the Properties box for each port) to make the message
go away. Or you can leave the checkboxes checked and move
the USB cable from your device to different USB ports until you
find one that is "Enhanced". Then the messages should stop.

I knew more than I thought I did when I started typing!

Let us know if you need more help getting it to work.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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September 7, 2015 at 23:29:32
To add to what Jeff said:

I had an old XP computer with only USB 1.1 ports. I added a USB 2.0 card and after that if I plugged anything in the 1.1 ports I'd get a similar message telling me it would run better if I used the faster ports. I assume you have ports of 2 different speeds. If so your user manual should tell you which are which. But I'm guessing if it's a desktop the ports in front are slower as they're usually used for mouse and keyboard where a blazing fast USB connection wouldn't be needed.

Or it might be something else altogether.

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