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Toshiba Satellite c655-s5082 laptop
April 2, 2013 at 10:28:51
Specs: home premium 64 bit, 4GB CPU0314
ever since SKYPE did an auto update I can no longer get to the blue sign in page, it remains in the temporary files as a FAVICON. It also is in my programs but will not open, says 'folder is empty'.
when I go to Skype web site I can sign in but it goes no where. I've tried to delete it from the programs and re-download but it will not DELETE.

How do I delete a favicon? or am I NOT supposed to delete them?

Is it necessary to put an X next to 'Active x filtering?

also when typing a document or email 'files auto open like folder, favorites, etc) half way through typing the page will turn blue & everything deletes, this has all happened since Skype did their auto upgrade which I said NO to many times!

I did run 'restore back to March 5th' but that hasn't helped.

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April 2, 2013 at 10:52:58
why aren't my 'EDITS' showing up on my post?

"when typing an email or document folders auto open (favorites, find, etc) also the entire words I wrote turn blue and auto delete. all since Skype did their auto update which I said NO to many times!
I did a 'restore back to March 5th' but it did no good.

is there a cost to ask a question? if so, I'm sorry I can't afford it.

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April 2, 2013 at 12:15:21
There are no charges on this forum - we just do this to try and help folk in our spare time.

Well, a favicon is not really a cookie - it is what ensures you have the right icon when you save a Favorite in IE. I don't think it has much to do with your issues.

There seems to be a lot of hassle with "Skype Home" not loading and it is definitely cookie conscious. You just get that annoying blue circle and nothing more happens. If you are deleting cookies with CCleaner then they have to be saved. Also you need the cookie option set in Skype. Even then I have found that Skype Home can suddenly die - it's all over the internet and can vary with Skype versions. I've spent hours on it.

Here's a thought:
This might surprise you but you don't actually need the home page to use Skype. Try it, everything works just fine, even with that blue circle twirling away. What I have done is set to Compact View, which just leaves the left side showing your contacts - all you need. You can still get the big window when you are changing settings, just the way you used to. Instant messages still work fine too.

From View, just select Compact View instead of Skype Home then close the big right hand screen. Let the latter just keep twirling away behind the scenes if it wants to - that way you never see it again, you can still log in and everything is just fine.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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April 2, 2013 at 23:19:24
somwhereintime wrote:

> why aren't my 'EDITS' showing up on my post?

That is probably caused by the way you go back to the
thread to view your edited post. The post *is* edited, but
when you go back, you see the version prior to the edit.
If you then edit that version again, you lose all the changes
you made in the previous edit.

Refresh the window containing the thread that contains
the edited post.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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April 3, 2013 at 11:19:26
Not sure what your "folders & Favorites opening" thing is all about. Might just be a coincidence that it was after you updated Skype because it is hard to see the connection.

What folders open?

Are all the things that open on the screen somewhere when you are typing? If so I had a mouse that did that sort of thing - OK when replaced. If you have spare mouse try it and see if it makes any difference.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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April 8, 2013 at 07:58:21
somwhereintime cannot apparently see any of our above responses - see here:

Very strange because the responses to the Lounge post were obviously visible because there were further comments.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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April 8, 2013 at 08:32:17
thank u Derek for your answers. I finally got Skype to work by re-downloading the darn thing!
the folders are just little 'squares' that say at the top 'find,favorites,add,etc' things like that and I have no idea why after having this computer only a year it has started doing this.
also when typing my entire document automatically turns blue & deletes itself, thus having to re-type EVERYTHING all over. that is another reason why I did a system restore but it did not fix it.
when I click on report the page opens saying 'unable to open this web page' so very confusing and frustrating!!
should I try to delete the favicon's and if so HOW??? THANK YOU!

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April 8, 2013 at 13:07:16
There's a lot about this that I find confusing, so perhaps it would be best for both of is if we tackle one issue at a time.

From what you've said, Skype is now OK so we can forget that. Not sure where favicons come into all this, but they reside in Temporary Internet Files (unless that area is cleared). Assuming you are using Internet Explorer then open it up and follow this:

Tools > Internet Options > General tab > Delete button (under Browsing history). You then get a list of items. I would (at least) put a check mark in Temporary Internet Files, History, and Download History. The rest are up to you but if you clear all cookies you might have to sign in to websites the first time you use them again. Hit the new Delete button at the bottom and you are done. There's no harm deleting favicons - clearing temporary internet files does more than that but it's fine - quite a good thing to do.

I have my doubts this will fix anything but check out the rest of your issues and we can look at them when you report back.

A couple of questions, where did you see the box about 'Active x filtering' - on Skype, email or somewhere else?

What email program are you using?

If you have outstanding problems we need to be quite clear about where you are when you are seeing them - email, Skype, Internet Explorer or whatever. All we have to go on is your words LOL.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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April 9, 2013 at 13:27:43
i'm sorry I haven't responded as I am ill and can't shake it. I don't recall where I saw "Active X Filtering".
I did try to delete all the cookies again and most of them did EXCEPT the Favicon's.

yes these 'items' folders whatever you want to call them just pop up sometimes I think it's a certain key stroke that may cause it, I just don't know. they are little folders that say numerous different things, find, favorites, add, some things I've never even seen before. I am really nervous about downloading the fix-windows-7-registry.winzip.com
they usually show up when i'm writing emails, things like i'm writing to you, documents. I use incredimail for email. I also sent them an inquiry regarding my problem but they want me to download something to take a picture of my screen. I did take a picture with my camera as it would not do a print screen but I guess they didn't understand it.

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April 9, 2013 at 13:41:20
Well, let's put the "Active X Filtering" issue on ice for now. If you see it again let us know where, and what you are doing at the time. These "items" are also something of a mystery without seeing them.

No idea where you saw "fix-windows-7-registry.winzip.com" either, so I would also be nervous unless I was darned sure what it was.

I'm tempted to think you have some unwanted toolbars (or their remnants) causing these issues. Download and install this freebie:

Run just the "Search" then copy/paste the log onto here. Back out after that, for now, so that we can see what it wants to remove (if anything). It's very safe even if you run the "Delete" but it does remove all addon toolbars - no options. Almost all of them are a waste of space (sometimes they are even scams). Best take a peek first tho.

Even a virus is possible but if so it must be quite a mild one. We can have a quick look at that if necessary.

Sorry to hear you've been ill - hope you feel better soon.

"I also sent them an inquiry regarding my problem"
Have I missed something? Who is "them".

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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