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Verizon 4G USB modem not working on W7 laptop

March 28, 2011 at 08:12:11
Specs: Windows XP
I had verizon 3G, Pantech 190 modem on my HP G60-630, windows 7 and had no problems. Four day ago I upgraded to 4G, LG VL600 modem and it take a long time to get connected on line, and when it finally does connect it only works on a couple of minutes. by the time i type out a short email, it wont work anymore, even though the VZA manager still shows connected. I have found that to send the email, i have to disconnect in the VZA manager, wait a minute or so for it to search for 4g (which there is none in northern San Diego at this time), the when it finally is able to click on the connect button, I do so, it connects ok, send the already written email, and by then if I try to go anywhere on the internet, it might bring up the initial webpage, for instance EBay, but when i try to check out a product, it takes so long that it finally just says that the webpage cannot be viewed and to check my internet connection. VZA manager still shows connected. If i disconnect a minute or so, reconnect again it will work for another minute or so. Tech support tried many things but still not working. tech suggested trying on another computer. I tried it on my old desktop with windows XP and all is ok, in fact that i where i am right now typing out this issue here. I went back to my laptop, check my RAM usage, which is at 37%. ran the tune up pc utility in windows 7 help section. I do have norton internet security on this laptop, so i turned of the firewall and anything else i could find that pertained to internet. It still does the same thing, like it is timing out when i try to open a new webpage or go some where on a already opened page. I checked disk defragmenter, the analyze check said it was not needed, it was only 1% fragmented. guided by the verizon tech I uninstalled and reinstalled the VZA program and LG VL600 modem drivers. the tech said he thinks that my computer is having problems recognizing the modem. he even had me go to the verizon store and get another LG VL600 USB modem. still not working. I dont know where to go now.

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March 28, 2011 at 23:42:33
try getting rid of norton and installing avast it might help

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March 29, 2011 at 09:19:59
the norton internet security that i have is good for up to three computers and i do have the same version installed on both, my laptop and my desktop. the only differennce between the two is that the laptop has W7 and the desktop has WXP. So unless the combination of W7, norton security, and the Verizon software is causing some settings to be changed in norton that i dont know about, everything is the same between the two units. I am not very adept in the settings on internet security. does anyone know any way i could possibly disable it without uninstalling it. If i reinstall it, norton will charge me again to reinstall it on a computer that already had it installed. thanks

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