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Unable To Install Windows XP/7 Stop Error: 0x0000007F

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This error is driving me crazy… Stop Error: 0x0000007F or Stop Error: 0x0000007E. I was using my computer fine last night after waiting for a month for my replacement SSD to arrive. I installed Windows and Linux and it worked fine for a few hours but then it stopped working. I disconnected the dvd drive, extra internal drive, any usb devices, tested the two DDR2, tested different memory banks, booted from flash drive to try reinstalling windows xp, booted from cd, tried installing windows 7, ubuntu 11.10 and I am still getting this message after setup is done copying all files to ssd. I tested the other internal HDD and same issue. I went to the store to buy a video card hoping that will solve the issue but nothing. I’m still getting same error. What’s my next step? Oh yeah, I also went to my BIOS settings and reset everything to default, tried to boot in safe mode but no luck whatsoever.


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  1. Okay… video card was NOT the problem. I tested the 2nd motherboard and I was getting that error but then I was changing some BIOS settings and eventually everything started working again. I didn’t want to change back to my other board so I’m unsure if it the old motherboard works or not.

    It was that CPU overclock thing that was set to 12x so I just changed it to 6.

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