Sony VAIO Built-in Mic KAPUT since W7 install

September 18, 2011 at 21:10:46
Specs: Windows 7, Intel 1.86 Ghz/2GB
If your problem is hardware related, be sure to put in your PC credentials:
a) Sony Laptop VAIO VGN-AX570G
Intel 1.86 Ghz processor
b) Ram: 2GB RAM
c) Version of Windows: Windows 7 (upgraded)
d) Is it a PC or a Laptop: Laptop

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OK, I'm trying to use Skype. This computer is older, true, but BEFORE it had Windows 7 on it, there was a Sony application for the Webcam that came with the system. I used this webcam for chatting, multiple times, in a previous version of Windows. The built in mic and speakers worked great. Speakers still do... it's the mic I can't get to work. I have the latest version of Skype, My Windows 7 is Home Premium. I do have the original CD'S but that reinstalls XP! So, I've downloaded driver after joy. I simply CANNOT get the Realtek built in microphone to work. When I do a test call in Skype, the mic icon lower left is crossed out as if it's been muted, but clicking there does nothing. I've gone into every single layer of menus and it's on, set to 100%, defaulted, all of it I've triple checked. Updated to the LATEST Realtek drivers, no joy there..tried rolling them back to an XP driver, then 7 barfs on startup with a strange screen, asking to search for an option that doesn't work. :((

If your problem is virus related: NO/PRAYING NOT
a) Tell us which anti-virus you are using
b) Tell us which Anti-spyware and Anti-virus programs (by name) that you have used to try to remedy the situation...remember...most programs find different problems so be sure to scan with more than one.

We run McAfee and Panda's my 66yr old mom's lappy...I try! I did get on Pretty sure there's no viruses, I run maintenance on this machine regularly, Scandisk, Defrag, Virus, data compression...etc....talking to the Grandkids is the biggest, newest use of this compy. Normally it's for looking up what side effects their meds have. I surf here sometimes, but no download sites, it's my PARENTS compy if ya know what I mean!!! I help plan vacations on Now we really wanna run Skype to talk to my nephews in Iowa. I know the mic works, I used it before my brother installed Windows 7.

c) Let us know what you skill level is: I used to work for IBM supporting OS/2, TCPIP, Lan Manager, etc. I'm up to snuff...cannot figure THIS OUT!!!!!! GGERRRRRRRR!!!! Sorry.,..better now... =:^)~ I'm aggravated cuz I've checked all the hardware I can check, unless I get a program to run diagnostics on the motherboard to check if it's still functional. I'm just about to that point, hence why I'm reaching out for help. I will try ANYTHING, nothing is a stupid question, ALL ideas considered and tried!!! Thanks so much in advance for your thoughts, ideas and YES, there will be a solution!

e) Be sure to mention if your OS is 32 or 64Bit, some cleaners will not work on 64Bit

Windows 7 32 BIT, My Windows experience number is 3.6 (whatever that means...LOL) Is that on a scale of 1-100?? LOLOL

Thanks guys....Cass

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September 18, 2011 at 21:55:41
Have you tried setting up the microphone in windows'

Click the start button and then type microphone in th white search bar you should see "setup a microphone"

Follow the onscreen instructions.
This will test your system for a microphone aswell

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October 13, 2011 at 00:58:54
That didn't work, sorry. It shows my Webcam in Device Manager...Sony Visual Communication Camera VGP-VCC1 and says it's working. The Audio component is Realtek High Definition Audio and it shows as working correctly in Device Manager. However, when I attempt to configure it, it asks that you read a sentence, and then goes to the next screen, where it always says the same: Nothing was heard, try repositioning the microphone etc.

I did NOT have this problem before Windows 7. Is this something that butts up against that 'backwards compatibility' problem? Do I need a different driver? Windows searched for one, but said that the one I have is the latest driver. I've struggled with other drivers in Windows 7 and the older drivers are usually a problem.

Do I get a driver from Realtek to go back to an older driver? Isn't the one they have the latest also?

This is why I say that Microsoft is the enemy of the little people. (Sorry...just how I feel) What I mean is that non-techies have a lot of things more streamlined, there's less to screw up because the system now takes care of so many things for them, and most of them like it that way. HOWEVER, as a dinosaur techie, I'm used to command lines and IRQ's... it's frustrating beyond belief that my only options is clicking thru Device Manager. I can't test the hardware? I can't reassign it either...a classic fix from before when Windows would invariably put the wrong things on the wrong IRQ's. Microsoft is taking more and more of our choices in an OS away, so many changes in the basics of computing, and it's a method of taking advantage imho. If I wanted an OS I never had to tinker with, I'd have an Apple device...except that this laptop was purchased for work purposes, and we had a Windows Server Farm. Besides, this is NOT a Mac, its a Sony VAIO, and updates to software shouldn't just 'break' access to hardware that is already working. If Microsoft is so amazing, why can't they build in backwards compatibility better, why can't they manage drivers that are before Win 7? It's to push everyone to get the LATEST version of the OS, and that's a money making scheme... most people I know with home systems upgraded to Win 7 when they had NO NEED of doing so. Gotta keep up with the times, right? I just want things to that too much to ask?

So, I'm stymied. My current conclusion is that the hardware may be just fine, it's probably a driver problem with Win 7. Anyone else heard of this, know a fix, got any ideas about Realtek? Do they offer programs to check hardware? Does anyone anymore?

I have so far solved the issue, albeit temporarily, with a Logitech webcam that works great because it's designed for Win 7. I still have a need for the internal webcam to work for travel, and besides, the webcam is a loaner til I can get my issue solved.

ANY and ALL ideas are welcomed! No question is stupid either. Feel free to ask if I've completed a step and I will let you know, feel free to ask anything technical and I will reply. Thanks again for the help.

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October 13, 2011 at 05:39:35
If Sony offers a full set of drivers for your machine that is specifically for Windows 7 32bit then using that should solve this and all similar issues. Unfortunately like on many systems built during the time of XP, they probably do not. This is not uncommon and compared to many driver issues that come up when using W7 on older XP machines, is relatively minor (though annoying). If the video portion works on the built in webcam, look for a small portable mic that can plug in and that may work for you, the alternative would be seeing how small they now offer portable webcams and toting that around. XP drivers will not work with W7, but sometimes Vista drivers will work so you can also try that if you can find those on Sony's site.

You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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