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Dell / Inspiron one 2320
May 17, 2013 at 20:35:01
Specs: Windows 7, 3.3 GHz / 4001 MB
I'm not sure if this question should be in the Win 7 forum or the Mac forum, so I'll start here and see what happens.

I have an HP PSC 2100 printer connected via USB to a Win 7 PC. I followed the instructions found via the link below to create 2 copies of the printer. I have one "printer" set to print in grayscale (BW_Printer) and the other set to print in color (Color_Printer). The BW_Printer is the default printer.

I then set up sharing for both copies of the printer so that my daughter can print to them from her MacBook Pro.

Next I followed the steps at the link below to set them up as LPD printers. Note: There are a couple of different suggestions at that site based on what OS the MacBook is running, so I'll include the steps I followed below the link.

On the Windows 7 PC

1. In Windows 7 Control Panel
2. Select "Programs and Features" pane
3. Click "Turn Windows Features on or off"
4. Click on the "LPD Print Service", under "Print and Document Services"
5. Ensure printer(s) are shared

On the Mac
1. Open "System Preferences" - "Print & Fax"
2. Click "+" to add a printer
3. Right hand button tool bar to customize and add "Advanced" button
4. Select "Advanced"
5. In the "Type:" field select "LPD/LPR Host or Printer"
6. In the "URL:" field enter lpd://IPserver/PrinterShareName; (e.g., lpd://
Using lpd://ServerName/PrinterShareName does not work, the IP address must replace ServerName
The IP address is the address of your PC, the one assigned by your router
7. Click the "Add" button

Note: The one Mac step that is not listed above is the ability to chose the driver for the specific printer you are sharing. I chose the HP PSC 2100 driver for both copies of the printer.

OK, so I added both printers to the Mac using:


So after all that, here's the problem:

When I print to Color_Printer from the Mac, everything works fine. The documents print and they print in color.

However, when I try to print to BW_Printer, the print monitor on the Mac says that it is copying the print data but then it pauses the printer and nothing prints. If I click "Resume Printing" in the Mac's print monitor window, it once again says "Copying Print Data" and then, once again, it pauses the printer.

I tried deleting the BW_Printer and adding it again but it didn't help.

Can anyone explain why the above process would work for the printer named "Color_Printer" but not for "BW_Printer"? The only difference between 2 printers, besides the name, is that on the Win 7 side one copy is set to grayscale and the other is not.

Any advice would be appreciated. If you think I should post this in the Mac forum, let me know and I'll move it.


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May 18, 2013 at 04:01:08
I know what I would do. I would remove the printer from Windows that is preset to print in grayscale, since the one that isn't preset to grayscale is working okay.

How hard can it be to select "grayscale" in the print options when you need it?

Installing the same printer twice is just causing unnecessary complications in my view. Choosing how you want to print something (colour or grayscale) is not exactly complicated, not enough to warrant having two printer setups.

In any event, most printer drivers allow you to create a "profile" of printing presets for a particular task, which is far better than having two copies of the same printer.

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May 18, 2013 at 05:37:24
Thanks for your response.

Actually, there is no need to remove the grayscale printer on the Windows side since it works perfectly fine in Windows. Since the grayscale version is the default printer, a single click of the printer icon in any app produces a grayscale output, which is just fine the vast majority of times.

It's on the Mac side is where the problem is, so yes, I could ask my daughters to choose grayscale every time they want to print something that doesn't require color. However, I think that you would agree that clicking a single print icon to print to the default printer is easier than clicking multiple times to get to the grayscale option. No, it's "not that hard" to choose grayscale, but it would be easier to not have.

Besides, from a purely technical perspective, it would be interesting to know why one copy of the printer works on the Mac and the other doesn't.

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May 18, 2013 at 06:28:21
"Besides, from a purely technical perspective, it would be interesting to know why one copy of the printer works on the Mac and the other doesn't."

Well yes, it probably would be interesting to know why. I was just suggesting the easiest fix. Maybe your Mac just doesn't get on well with multiple instances of the same printer.
I certainly wouldn't bother having two instances of it just for grayscale. All I have to do for that is one click under the default tab of the printer driver.

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