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Setting Win 7 Home to Emulate Win XP

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I have a friend who just purchased a new notebook with Win 7 Home Premium installed. He is familiar with Win XP but knows nothing about Windows 7. He is asking my help to transfer files from his old computer and install software, etc.

I am probably not the best candidate to do this because personally I find the new Win 7 features an annoyance that just slows me down.

To make life easier for both my friend and myself, I would like to “slap on the training wheels” and set Windows 7 as close to “XP Classic Appearance” as possible. I know all about the Pro Version of Win 7 able to do this in a snap but we are dealing with Win 7 Home Version here.

Is there a quick registry tweak, a VBS script or something that can do this in the Home Version? Can Aero and Peek be disabled or minimized?

I suggested to my friend he can break away from “Classic” settings and experiment once he starts to get used to his new system.




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