Solved Running out of disk space! Nothing is working

September 13, 2015 at 04:51:22
Specs: Windows 7, I5 6gb ram
Help my computer its running out of disk space no matter what I delete it keeps going down, I do not have any system restore partioned I do have rollback but when I delete snapshots it makes no difference what so ever, even after a reboot nothing and I do have steam but moving or deleting games makes no difference, if a game updates it shows that, so it only will take up space not give me space back, any ideas at all?

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September 13, 2015 at 06:05:36
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Pending solutions various... What make/model is your computer.

Presuming it does boot up OK either into safe-mode and/or full desktop...

Have you run the diskclean routine to start with?

The first link below is an excellent detailed hot to start resolving the whole issue of "drive is running out of space; at least in terms of clearing out unnecessary files etc.) Note carefully the reference to system restore files and the deletion of "some" of those earlier records...

The remainder are variations on the M$ basic approach.

Then defrag the drive.

After-which run a few cleaners:



Junkware Removal Tool (JRT)

JRT installs to the desktop from where you run it. It opens into dos style window, follow the instructions therein. It will reboot the system as part of its process.


Install each of the above using the MANUL/CUSTOM option; do NOT use the automatic option (the default). Carefully watch for and uncheck all those (so helpfully and for your convenience) pre-checked boxes - other than the one for the actual utility itself. That way you don't end up installing a slew of junk, making changes to you system - all of which you neither need nor want. Likely your system is full of such "stuff" and the above cleaners will help eradicate most (if not al) of it.

You can also download and burn to a dvd an IOS for Kaspersky Rescue disk. It's a Linux based disk. Boot with that dvd. It will install into" RAM only". (Thus the hard drive is merely a resource to that Linux based OS.) It will go online to update itself. After-which it will scan your system for assorted pests/nasties that the cleaners etc. running within windows may not find. Scanning for pest/nasties from outside windows itself often finds stuff that otherwise hides itself from scanning utils operating within a booted windows OS.

Retain any logs generated for further examination if needs-be. Likely JohnW and one or two others well versed in pest removal may drop across here too; wise to follow their expert advice...

This is a detailed how to use Kaspersky; better I suggest than the actual Kaspersky guide?

And at regular intervals also run a freebie Trend Housecall scan; it often finds things that have been missed by other pest removers; as often any given scan util will be updating its definitions etc.. (They all do all the time.)

Sophos, AVG, Avast, Bitdefender, all have similar (Linux based) utils to Kaspersky as well

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