query about Windows 7 CBS log file

September 29, 2010 at 01:50:37
Specs: Windows 7
Is CBS.log (in \Windows\Logs\CBS) used by the system at all?
Or is it only written and never read?

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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September 29, 2010 at 02:05:28
Hello Jeff

In \Windows\Logs\CBS there are two files named CBS.log and CBS.persist.log. The CBS.persist.log is generated when CBS.log gets to be about 50MB in size. CBS.log is copied to CBS.persist.log and a new CBS.log file is started when certain programs are run. It should be safe to delete the CBS.persist.log as it is probably at least a couple of weeks old and is no longer useful. Also, you should be able to remove some of the CBS.log but leave the end bit, as it's the most recent.

I do know that SFC appends its results to CBS.log. Use Notepad to read it (you may need to run Notepad as the Administrator).

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September 29, 2010 at 14:44:06
Thanks, Burr.

50 MB !!??!!! That is enormous! My CBS.log file is 2.5 MB and it goes
all the way back to the Windows install. No CBS.persist.log yet.

Whether it was you or someone else who added to the thread title, it
seems very silly. The title I gave was simply "CBS.log". That is exactly
what I'm asking about. Saying that it is a "Query about" CBS.log adds
no useful information, and saying that it is about the "Windows 7"
CBS.log adds nothing because this entire forum is about Windows 7.
A search will find that it is to do with Windows 7 without saying so
in the thread title.

Was there any reason at all for changing it? I can understand if the
reason was that the moderator who altered it is obsessive-compulsive,
since I have that problem, too.

I'll also point out again that software automatically placed an
advertisement in my post, for yellowpages dot com. I recommend
against ever doing any business with them. The web pages these
posts are on are already stuffed with advertisements. When an ad
is placed inside a post I wrote, then the advertiser has shown it is
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I'm not complaining about all the other useless junk littering the
page, just the useless junk littering a post that I wrote.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis


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