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Programs & Settings lost updating W7 drivers

Gigabyte / P35c-ds3r
September 11, 2010 at 13:07:21
Specs: Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, 3 GHz / 3582 MB

I am running Windows 7 64 bit on my machine, and have been running it for the past month or so. i am very please with its performance and usability, however today i have had my first problem and i am currently at a loss to figuring out what it is.

I was downloading some drivers for a laptop, i was downloading them from the manufacturers website (i dnt think the issue is related to the site) the downloads were being downloaded to a folder i created on the desktop.

Suddenly when downloading the 5th or so driver i noticed that the folder i was downloading to was empty, i minimised everything and everything on my desktop, had disappeared, the only thing remaining was the recycle bin and the folder i had created (which was empty now).

my files which i had on desktop were gone, my other folders were gone, "my computer" shortcut was gone.

The icons in quick launch had lost their icon pictures, when i clicked on start and navigated through the menu's, everything was empty, ie "Accessories", "Games", Admin tools" all the menus were empty.

my desktop image had changes to a black screen, i went into themes and noticed that all the themes i had downloaded were gone (i got them from MS website)

all my software is installed on a seperate drive and everything functions normally.

i performed a repair install. and after 20 mins the same happened again, admitidly i was downloading the drivers from the site again!

i have run the following on my machine

AVG (Paid version) - no virus'
Malaware Bytes - no infections
Spybot S&D - no infections
SuperAntiSpyware - no infections
Scan Disk - completed sucessfully

Seagate/Western Digital HD diagnostics - all passed every scan.

im really confused as to what could have caused it? im leaning towards my C:\ drive failing but would like another opinion please?

i have again performed a repair install and will see if the problem occurs again.

any help/advice would be much appreciated.

just to clarify, windows was purchased and not a torrent, all my software is purchased and not torrented so i can eliminate the possibility of infection on the machine.



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September 12, 2010 at 06:36:40
I was downloading some drivers for a laptop, i was downloading them from the manufacturers website (i dnt think the issue is related to the site) . . .

Let's see. What is the URL of the "manufacturers website"?


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September 13, 2010 at 01:32:01
Hi XPUser,

Here is the link to the site

iv always used this for drivers for my fujitsu siemens laptops/desktops. Since my second repair install the computer is running fine, i checked all HD's with their manufacturer diagnostics tools and they all pass.

im baffled here, could it be that something from this site caused it? i know its possible, but it looks like the legitimate Fujitsu site?

Thanks for your reply.

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