Partition magic/merging space

February 1, 2010 at 12:12:50
Specs: Windows 7/ windows xp
I downloaded partition magic and split the
space between my c hardrive with one I
created so I could download windows 7 on
another one, being "g". This left me with having
windows xp on hardrive c, and windows 7 on
hardrive g. I don't use hardrive c anymore since
windows 7 is on my computer and I'd like to
put the hardrive space from c onto g. I only
have 27 gigabytes on hardrive g and if I merged
it with the other hardrive I would have around

When I try to just merge them completely, I
get this error message.
Both NTFS partitions being merged must have
the same version number.

I've tried the 'redistribute free space' and I can't
do that, either. What I was able to do was take
the space from hardrive c which is now called
"unallocated space". I can't do anything with it,
though. Help!?

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February 1, 2010 at 15:56:10
Be sure you know what is what. Try to format the old XP drive and then merge it.

NTFS has changed from xp to windows 7.

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February 1, 2010 at 16:07:42
You say "hard drive" but you must mean "partition" since 27gig is a really small/old hard drive.

Also following what you are saying as accurate you would not be able to boot Windows 7 if you wiped out c: which contained the boot files.

BTW you would never nor could you add space from "before" to the "after". You can add space "after" to the "before".

Lets say you have one disk divided in half as c: and d:. All drives start at the outermost tracks and work their way inward. c: is outermost. d: is innermost. The outermost contains the partition and boot information. This is why you can't add c: to d: but you can add d: to c:. The outermost will never ever contain the mbr or partition information.

You would be better off reinstalling Windows 7 and making the drive one instead of two partitions which you can do during the install.

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February 1, 2010 at 21:39:58
I agree with above, best to clean install Windows 7.
If you can still boot XP wipe the W7 instalation, use partion magic to merge the partitions then reinstall by booting with the W7 disk.
If you have files and settings in Windows 7 that you want to save, use the W7 Easy Transfer Wizard and save to a usb drive or stick for restoration after the reinstall.
Windows 7 will put all your XP instalation in Windows.old folder which you can delete if there is nothing in there you need and reclaim the space.

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