No video signal to monitor

July 8, 2010 at 09:15:16
Specs: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, Core i7/ 6Gb
Hello all--

I've done a dumb thing, and I can't figure out how to recover from it.
A day ago, my computer stopped recognizing my monitor, an Acer X193W, and somehow lost the ability to put out the otpimum resolution for that monitor, which is something like 1400 X 900. I tried reloading the video card drivers (Nvidia GTS 250), but no luck. In Control Panel->Display, it still sees the monitor as "Generic non-PnP monitor."

Here's where I outsmarted myself.

I thought that if there was no monitor hardware listed, Win7 would recognize the monitor as new hardware and install it, so I went into Device Manager and uninstalled the Generic non-PnP monitor, and a black screen. According to the monitor, it's not getting any signal at all. I've tried the monitor with a different computer with no issues.
How can I get SOME sort of signal to the monitor so that I can try to do some sort of repair, and why is my computer no longer recognizing the monitor? If it makes any difference, I've got the monitor connected via VGA, not DVI. The computer SEEMS to be booting up just fine; all internal fans spinning, no odd beepings.


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July 8, 2010 at 10:23:06
can you see the post when you reboot the computer?
if you cant see the post, you have probably damaged the cable connectors try a new cable.

try to do a safe mode start, and update the drivers.if that fails try safe mode in vga mode

start up the computer, disconnect the monitor from the computer by removing the cable from the computer, if you have two connections on the card use the second to reconnect, then do it back to the first if it fails to detect.

if all these fail connect your monitor as normal and run a system restore./ system repair.

i hate computers!
but cant help myself....

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July 8, 2010 at 15:27:42
I didn't think of it, but you've got something--I CAN'T see the post either. I'll go looking for a new cable first, and see if that does the trick.

Many thanks,

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July 9, 2010 at 09:32:56
Wow. Is my face red.

I had checked the physical connection on the computer side, but not on the monitor side. When I started changing out the cable, it pretty much fell off the monitor. When it was plugged back in firmly, everything worked perfectly. Odd that it would choose that exact moment to fail--perhaps I jarred it loose somehow.

Thanks for your time,

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