No Audio out w7 HMDI

Hewlett-packard Pavilion slimline s5710f...
November 4, 2012 at 15:55:09
Specs: Windows 64, 2.6 *Meg ram
Hi Everyone

Well heres my quick story.. I want to play digital images from my HP 26257 desktop ....(sorta HTPC) to my TV and my computer speakers simultaneously.Now I have the dual images functioning on the PC monitor and the 55" TV. But as I understand that from reading on the web and at Microsoft support . The Computer is not able to output sound to two sources like that simultaneously . I have to come up with some creative go a-round. please give me your thoughts.

I have a WINDOWS 7 -64 BIT with a radeon 5500 graphics card exiting HDMI, DVI and VGA. ( No Stereo sound jack out) I have achieved the default sound to go to the 55' TV through sound management over the HDMI but I have no computer speaker sound. Why the big deal. I have 50 feet of distance between the TV and the computer. I want he computer in the bedroom where I would still like to play online radio but not have to disconnect the HDMI cable, undefault in windows management, and reboot each time I want to switch. I do not yet have a receiver. soo....

So I thought

A.. buy a 50 foot 3.5 stereo jack cable and run it from the tv out put RCA under the house back to the computer speakers,

B... Or find some kind of device at the computer that will splice or take the sound off the HDMI cable.

Note I have to convert Digital HDMI sound to Analogue and not violate the image quality of the HDMI or proprietary encode info of the Movies I may play on the PC.

C. can adding an Audio card still violate the dual sound output problem ?

Links provided would be appreciated.



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November 4, 2012 at 16:33:05
For the video, use the DVI for the monitor & HDMI for the TV. You don't have to use the HDMI sound. For the audio, just use a 3.5mm splitter plugged into the PC audio out. Use one for the TV & the other for the PC speakers.

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November 21, 2012 at 18:30:03
Sorry Riider

Guess I was not clear. My Radeon 5500 has no audio out. Hp 6257 board with its intregrated display board.. But anyway. I have only two sound choices to make. One to the tv or one to the computer monitor. Blogs all over internet lament the fact that windows 7 wont push sound over two sources. So i get one not both.

Therefore the HMDi to the TV is the default in windows sound managament and I am forced to Tap itno the hdmi. DVI wont travel audio and my card has not the four pins for audio on the DVI out.

So anybody got a suggestion for a clean convert from digital sound to analoge off the hdmi cable,

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November 21, 2012 at 18:59:18
Are you saying that when you are using the HDMI connector,
there is no audio output from the lime green audio out jack on
the back of your computer? (Or the front headphone jack?)

You should be able to plug into the lime green audio out jack
and send that signal to an audio amplifier so that it can power
your speakers. Without an amp, you will get weak sound out
of your speakers. An audio amp is built into your TV so the
connection to the TV doesn't need to go through the amp.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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