New PC & 7 reboot loop - driver issue!?

Asus Rampage iii extreme desktop motherb...
August 30, 2010 at 13:19:59
Specs: Windows 7 , 6GB
Hey guys,

I have been working on this issue for a few days now and seemed to get no-where apart from gaining new knowledge.

I have built a custom PC with specs as below:

1. MB - Extreme Rampage III with Intel i7 930
2. 6GB Corsair RAM
3. 2tb hdd
4. x2 optical drives
5. 850w power supply
6. HIS Radeon 5770 graphics card 1GB

Ok, everything starts off fine, i go to install windows and it completes but when it comes to actually loading once the pc has restarted i see the windows logo and about 5 seconds after the computer just restarts.

Upon looking into this, many people on the asus forum are putting the blame down to windows for windows 7 not supporting AHCI, RAID & SATA, so i go back to installation and load up all the drivers neccessary but with one problem, windows installation tells me i cannot install 32 & 64-bit unsigned drivers even though these drivers are from the manufacturer. But it seems to affect the size of the hdd so i presumed they may have installed anyway.

Again it does not work, so i look into the problem some more - people are saying that i have to download the intel chipset drivers as an .exe and include it in the answer file fdor install.wim, which i had done so and still nothing!

I have tried everything, memtest, x64 recovery, x86 installation, x86 recovery, reseated all ram, used ram individually as per 1 stick, used all windows 7 options (safe mode just restarts at disk.sys, diable automatic restart etc).

I am at my wits end here and any help would be wonderful as i have spent over £1,200 on this computer and to see it not working is soooo fustrating.

At the moment i am trying to write a new answer file to see if i can get any joy, perhaps i am getting something wrong.


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August 30, 2010 at 14:50:07
--- SOLVED --- if you have this problem

1. Create an answer file in WSIM (follow steps in guides) that will allow an unattended install of the drivers on windows installation
2. Up your CPU, if you have a Rampage Extreme III - you have an option in the BIOS for this to be done automatically. Increase it 1 level up.
3. Set your drives to AHCI mode instead of RAID (if your not using RAID that is) and IDE.

I hope this helps, if you need any guidance on this i can try and help as much as possible.

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August 31, 2010 at 01:55:07
Update ur Bios and all driver will fix ur problem

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