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network card stopped working

April 21, 2014 at 13:49:58
Specs: Windows 7 64, P4- 2.8 ghz 22 gb
I have two dell laptops both on windows 7 professional.
One is a dell vostro and the other is a dell inspiron
I'm on a work network and I'm the only IT guy

Both laptops recently stopped working on the wired network card
I've tried several different ports on the network switch and I've tried several different network cables.

I've reinstalled the network card driver and I've done a system restore

The Vostro just had the daughter board replaced as warranty, but still no network connectivity on the wired network.

I'm going out of my mind.

What am I missing??
Why can I not get these two laptops to connect on the wired network??
The managed firewall does not appear to be blocking their mac addresses and the IP is set to automatically find an IP address

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April 21, 2014 at 15:24:17
What other "kit" is involved here - in terms of routers/switches - actual makes/models might be useful to know...?

Are you sure the router (or switch) is OK?

Are there other laptops/desktops involved on the network - and if so do they connect OK?

Do the two problem laptops work with a wifi connection?

Have you run the usual < ipconfig /all > (no < > ) on both laptops; and if so what does it show?

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April 22, 2014 at 05:44:21
sorry, I should have provided more info

Yes, both laptops work perfect on the wireless and both used to work on the wired.
I was setting up SMB scan on one of the laptops so was going to dedicate an IP to the one on the sonicwall... after I did that, the wired connection stopped working.

I have two 48 port switches and yes, all of the other devices work completely properly on the wired network.

On the one, the lights will blink for 2 seconds on the switch then stop, 20 seconds later they will blink again for 2 seconds and stop. and repeat

I am familiar with ipconfig / all or release and renew or flushdns, but what is (no < >)??

I have a sonicwall firewall and two dell 48 port switches

I like to use services.msc as part of my routine to keep our computers pretty trim... I'm wondering if I turned off a service that the network card uses... what services would they use??


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