mystery folder name Virtualized under W7 TIF

Hewlett-packard / Dv4-1030ee
August 4, 2010 at 17:03:49
Specs: Windows Vista, 2.0 Ghz with 2Gb RAM
Somehow it seems I have a virtualized desktop and a virtualized portion of my C drive, the latter having folder named "C" and inside that folders named ProgramData" and "Users" as seen at...C:\Users\Me\AppData\Local
\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files

How that happened is a bit of a mystery to me, even though it might be explained as I once had installed virtual hard drive software (but after restoring the OS, it seems I lost that software permanently as I'd installed it from 'giveawayoftheday' and I don't want to pay for the software, ie; in other words I don't want to reinstall that software as it's more trouble using than it's worth).

Anyway, what at certain times I supposedly have saved a file to the desktop, but it doesn't appear there (and instead I find it by doing a search which leads me to a 'desktop' folder that contains the sought after file).

Plus, I've frequently been having issues with IE8's promting me that an unidentified problem has occurred and the program (the browser) needs to close, do I want to save a report, etc.

Perhaps unrelated to the above issue(s), also I've found that one of my IE8's folders that has a catagory of internet link 'favorites', has been giving me headaches because the links usually don't work (that folder's 'one time' links are all missing their propties "web documnet" tab, hence no target for those favorites links).

So. Anyone have an idea as to what's gone amuck with my system and how to get it back (assumedly I'm not supposed to have a folder named "Virtualized" as I currently now have at...C:\Users\Me\AppData\Local
\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files

For now I've decided to cut-paste (move) the three mentioned folders onto the desktop, but as for their 'parent' folder ("Virtualized"), I'm left to assume that cut-pasting it (the
"Virtualized" folder) should/might resolve some or all my issues.

But that folder doesn't appear (even when I'm in that folder, unhide and unprotect folders/files and 'up folder' into it's parent folder (ie; "Temporary Internet Files").

Again, I'm assuming that either malware or the fact that I once had virtual hard drive software installed has led to he "Virtusalized" folder's creation.

I'm hopeful that I won't have to format. I also
hope I won't have to purchase that software only to install it and uninstall it, ie; I don't think they offer a trial version that would have an uninstalled, nor would they afford any support if they had a trial version.

FYIO - As for virtualization itself, my motherboard doesn't support virtualization (as the laptop originally came with Vista and now I've wiped the drive and gone to W7 Pro).

Also, as for the IE8 issues, I've decided to (and have) deleted the problem "Work" folder form the Favorites list (and I'm re-building that folder, which now each link I add, it's properties now contains the "web documents" tab.

Regards and hap-e-trails, Steve Hopper

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August 5, 2010 at 00:56:51
sounds suspicious to me, to be save, save all the files you want and need, and reinstall windows 7, thus wiping drive C:..
im sure the folder is just a creation of the virtualisation softway, but personally if i was getting so many issues, i would just do the reinstall whats a few hours installation time,when you save many hours frustration and concern..;-)

i hate computers!
but cant help myself....

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August 5, 2010 at 05:43:30
The folder ... AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Virtualized\C\Users\ ... is really no mystery.

Go HERE and start doing some read up for your own enlightenments.

As for the other issue (IE8), tell us about it in a separate thread.


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August 5, 2010 at 17:49:38
Thank you for the supportive link to that forum's post which sort of explains the 'mystery' folder.

I must reply that I find it mysterious (aka a mystery file folder) as it is not only unexplained, users aren't prompted of it's use and moreover the user inability to find it all seems to definitely qualify that as at least mysterious (despite claims that it is a security feature).

Surely MS should have an article that discloses how users deal with this file folder, but my Googling didn't tell me anything about it.

So far, this post string's links lead em only to an article dealing with an IE7 means of moving the 'mysterious' download file folder, but I've yet to see if it works on 'my' IE8-W7Pro platform, ref...

..which states in part...

"In order to move all the downloaded contents to the required location, try the following steps.
1. Click Start, type inetcpl.cpl and then hit enter.
2. Under General tab, click Settings button under “Browsing history”.
3. On “Temporary Internet Files and History Settings”, click Move folder… button and choose the location where you want to move all the files on the drive."

It seems obvious that downloaded files being sent to a virtual oblivion, done so in many/most instances without notification, is quite mysterious and is due a fix, eg; adding a file export tickable for 'downloaded files'. No?

So thanks for the replies, even the opinions.


Now that I have a handle on this issue, as it's highly likely without the "Virtualized" folder's sub- folders in place, clearly one might later find 'mysterious' issues, so I cut-pasted it's contants back into their original locations.

Of one final note on the sub-folders; apparently 'page file' and/or re-boots restored some of the contents of the Virtualized 'folder' contents, ie; the "User" folder (but some of it's contents were missing, plus the "ProgramData" folder was missing (hence my cut-pasting the missing folders).

So except for admitting this thing is of sorts, a mystery file, I supposed now some users will find this explantion helpful.

As for my IE8 Favorite's issues, no doubt my having imported that problem folder (the one with which all it's links properties were missing the "web document" tab, that seems resolved in two aspects, one I deleted my IE8's problem folder and have manually re-built it (seems Windows imported favorites from an XP machine are problematic) and two, oddly now those links now have the once missing "web document" tab (probably only because that folder is now no longer in the Virtualized sub-folders).

So no need for formatting and re-installing the OS.

Regards and hap-e-trails, Steve Hopper

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