Solved my hotmail address is not active?

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April 15, 2014 at 21:32:50
Specs: Windows 7
i understand that i have lost everything during the new /take over of my hotmail account. . but it still displays the same email addy, though no mail comes in.. why can't any emails get through to me via outlook? (microsoft endorsed??) 24/7 techies tried to rip me off and asked for remote access to my comp (i said NO).

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April 15, 2014 at 23:28:09
Well what do you expect from a free, throwaway email service?

maybe you need to enter a password? Anyways, check your account settings, something may be missing.

You should use the email service your ISP provides as part of your monthly subscription like I do.

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April 16, 2014 at 01:14:15
hi Phill,

'Well what do you expect from a free, throwaway email service? '

ummm, not much!

however, since they didn't say i was not able to receive or send using my (still?) existing hotmail addy.
and... infact they say you can still use yr hotmail addy and that that part isn't changed. the question is still the same, how come i can't get any mail via that same addy?

i wouldn't ask the question if that wasn't the case.

i have tried with passwords, it doesn't get me any further! i've tried to contact microsoft for direct help.

sorry not sure what you mean by: 'ISP provides as part of your monthly subscription'

subscription to what?

i come here for help, i feel like i'm being talked down to. if i'm misunderstanding that please let me know because it seems aggressive saying ... well.. and then... what did you expect...etc.

i'm already freaking out. that isn't helpful. :( seeing(?) how many sites i will have to go and manually change my email details in account sections. i have a few! basically at this point is seems 'easier' to start a new email account elsewhere with yahoo (if they aren't about to be taken over too?) using the name of my addy that is important.

thanks for the response anyway.

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April 16, 2014 at 01:15:12
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When MS brought out and then, after an interval, migrated all hotmail accounts to - but one still used the hotmail credentials to login etc. - i found it was fine. Still have my hotmail account runnng with all messages too.

You can configure MS Word\Outlook to access any pop3 or similar (on-line) email accounts. Takes a few minutes only to do.

I suggest it's wise to have at least one on-line email account, as then if you change your isp you don't have to be concerned about possibly/probably having to change your email details (as one may not be able to retain the address with the previous isp).

Similarly one can often "rent" an email address (with on-line access) from some isp and that is in effect portable; can be accessed from anywhere. I have a long standing bt email account - set up when I transferred from bt another isp and wished to retain that long established/used address. Bt charges very little for the basic service.

Also if you do use MS Office\Outlook to access pop3 mail, and ensure you configure it leave copies of messages on the server (the default is to delete them from the pop3 server once downloaded via Office\Outlook) you then have them in two locations...

I am suprised that admin has deleted all your messages though - I do not recall ever seeing any warnings to that effect at any time. There were messages referring to the take-over\migration...

The 24x7 techies you refer to - are they from support or where?

Have you contacted (via another email account) support itself?

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April 16, 2014 at 01:31:21
hi TRVL,

That's very helpful. Interesting that you had a diff experience as to the outcomes of the change over. did you 'do' anything .. from the email/msgs referring to the take-over\migration? good to note that you didn't lose anything. i admit its 'my bad' for not following up on that stuff. i do recall seeing them now.. but honestly i didn't realise it was urgent.. not having time to read and follow up everything. i just can't make sense of seeing my usual hotmail addy at the top of the new outlook mail and yet no mail comes in?

the 'MS Office\Outlook to access pop3 mail' thing makes sense. i don't know if i can navigate all those changes you mentioned. i do have a couple of yahoo accounts and gmails but i don't use gmail much as i hate it. find it user unfriendly and hard to look at and follow things up. i have tweaked settings there, but it's still awkward to use.

i suppose i can just forget about the hotmail addy.. it would be less time consuming and anxiety producing.. but yeah i will have lost a valuable addy. i didn't know you could store or rent a stable addy. i didn't mind shifting from my old (main office outlook) to a new email addy when i changed ISP because i had saved and imported folders at the time of setting up that mail account. a friend helped me though! i got some help from tpg their tech help is awesome.

i tried using the same 'hotmail' password.. but that didn't work so i had to change passwords. so i can log into the new outlook mail.. but as i said.. it's problematic and not clear to me at all. i suffer from frequent brain-fog due to illness. it's very frustrating so i really appreciate the help and advice. THANK YOU. i'll tryn follow some of yr instructions. :)


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April 16, 2014 at 03:19:24
Using my "old" hotmail account credentials - let's say they're:

I either type in the browser and am automatically ported into, or I go myself to (type that in the browser). Then I enter the hotmail account details; in this example it will be:

and use the password I used for that account when it "was" hotmail. And it all works fine.

Is that what you did when trying to login to your hotmail account - but via the now mandatory site? If not... then try it - using of course "your" hotmail account name and password.

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April 16, 2014 at 07:05:43
oh yes, i did do that.. but i think in the process of all the confusion i had changed my hotmail password. maybe that's the issue. anyway when i log in with current hotmail password it doesn't accept it. also ab out 2 hrs ago i was auto logged in with my main ISP; addy. very confusing! next time i did solmething (maybe i refreshed the window?) or logged out i don't know but then it showed up as my hotmail one.. still no access though and no inbox acitivities, changing the settings is impossible as it won't let me into admin without log in.. so round in circles i go..
i want to strangle someone.. possibly me, but outlook first, then me.

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April 16, 2014 at 07:10:40
btw i have you contacted (via another email account) support itself? no response. can't get hold of them on a chat site either.

'The 24x7 techies you refer to - are they from support or where? '

i googled outlook support and they came up first and then about 7 times on the same search page. they were seriously suss!

remote control of my comp... i don't bl**dy think so!! no thanks i told them, it was dishonest not to say up front that they are trying to get you to pay $199 and then upgrade for more $ from there? wothhhuh??

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April 16, 2014 at 10:44:13
There is "I forgot my password" option on hotmail/outlook... Have you tried using that to recover access? Typically they offer a security number sent to another account you have (hopefully); or poosibly a security question or two/three to enable resetting your password.

That other account does not have to be a hotmail/outlook account.

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April 16, 2014 at 11:04:41
yes i have gotten some of the way through the passwords/logins trouble shooting. but it gets stuck at login all over again. the security checks are weird and seem to go on forever. i've had access codes i think and then the thing still does't work. the captchas are hard to make work also, it looks like i'm getting somewhere but.. then crash .back at square #1. :(
dammit those microsoft techies for not getting back to me. (to be expected, i know! lol)
i wish i could find that phone number which got me through to helpful mSoft tech support once. i will try calling a head office i think i found a number for htat. so much stuff to keep up with. my head is hurty now!

btw thanks heaps for yr help trvlr !! :)

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April 16, 2014 at 11:40:56
Agree with the security code gripes... I found the same when I had to use one... Seemed to be a real pain getting the code accepted...

Hotmail/outlook support response times sometimes leave a lot to be desired!

If you do find the phone number for head office might be nice to know it... Possibly post it here - for general info to all; or else PM with it (please)?

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April 18, 2014 at 02:34:07
yaahh i sure will share it !!! i know i put it some place safe! it! the main number (not the one i used last time) is


i'll keep you posted : )

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May 5, 2014 at 01:42:38
hey trvlr,

i resolved my microsoft-hotmail prob.

i went through all the security questions i finally got to reset passwords with a one off code etc.. turns out that i hadn't been able to get anything verified because i had changed passwords to my hotmail before the takeover and also on my 'secondary email'.. and forgot!!! that i did that! ... only found that info after i went through the whole process of changing passwords again... to got 'codes' to sign in reset passwords ...

i think it created a microsoft account as if its hotmail? i don't know it's confusing but i got my address back and all the mail and sent folders etc.. the contacts list is hard to see's vaguely placed under the VIEW: ALL -- arrow to ---drop down menu.

microsoft tech help never got back to me (shock! haha)

so yeah persistence and patience along with your help!!... DONE!


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May 15, 2014 at 08:23:37
heyar trvlr,,

i found this lot while trying to sort out something else. (the phone number needs testing as there was a '1' missing in front of the '800' - i think i accidentally deleted it ? so i've re added it.

info re: how to contact :
Microsoft Customer Service - help for general inquiries

Call Customer Service
1800 852 3543
Customers Service Hotlines & Operating Hours
Contact Customer Service worldwide & Microsoft Account FAQ
Questions & Answers for Office 2013
Privacy Feedback
Submit feedback or questions about Privacy
Get Accessibility support
Assistance to customers with disabilities or looking for support with assistive technology
Product Activation
Get help with Product Activation
Genuine Advantage
Get help with counterfeit or non-genuine software
Tweet Microsoft Helps
Tweet your question to @MicrosoftHelps the Official account for Microsoft Customer Service & Support
Live Chat
Live Chat with Microsoft Customer Service
(8:30 am ~ 9 pm)

Microsoft Store - buy a product or visit the official Microsoft Store

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May 15, 2014 at 08:35:17
Hi SammiJ:

Thank you for the info; always usephool to have at hand...

Possibly others will have noted it too; and likewise have it as a usephool resource...

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May 15, 2014 at 23:25:38
no probs. :)

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