my computer turns on but will not connect

April 11, 2015 at 18:06:32
Specs: Windows 7
my computer comes on but all i get is a black screen,i hit f8 and hit safe mode but it wont connect it just comes up blank

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April 11, 2015 at 22:25:47
It is completely unclear what you mean by "connect".

It kinda sounds like you mean it won't connect to a network or to the
Internet. But saying that all you get is a black screen suggests instead
that you mean the screen isn't getting a video signal from the computer.
But on the other hand you say you hit F8 and try to go into Safe Mode,
which suggests that maybe you can see the startup menu.

You need to describe the situation better.

Is the screen completely black, or does some text appear?

Do the power light and fans come on normally?

After a few seconds, does the HDD light come on and does it sound
like the hard drive is booting Windows normally, even though you don't
see it on screen?

If you do see something onscreen, at what point does it go black?

If the boot sounds normal but the screen is completely black, then the
first thing to check is the monitor settings. Did you turn the brightness
all the way down and forget that you did so? I did that once.

If the boot sounds normal and the screen is black but it isn't a monitor
setting, then your problem is in hardware. It could be the power supply,
the motherboard, the video board, the monitor, or a cable connecting
them. Is the latter what you ment by "connection"? The second thing
to check after monitor settings is cables. Be sure they are tight. When
I tilt my monitor up, the power cable sometimes comes loose. Of course
that is obvious, but you might have a loose video cable. If the cables are
all tight, try re-seating the video board, if you have one. Somebody else
here will tell you what to do if you somehow changed the video settings
in the BIOS so that it is no longer looking in the right place for the video
signal. I'd expect that you'd remember if you did that, but if you had no
idea what you were doing....

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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