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April 19, 2010 at 08:37:27
Specs: Windows 7

Its been a while I've been getting this problem and yesterday it really annoyed me to the point that now I want to find out what is going on. What is happening is that when under load (playing game), sometimes during a game, my USB devices such as keyboard and mouse will disconnect and reconnect after a few seconds. I haven't notice the problem happening when I am not in game mostly because when I am not in game, I am working on my server.

I've been considering that I might be taxing my system too much in power under load. I have a 750 watts power supply which I initially calculated as being sufficient for a Phenom X5 955, Radeon 5850, 3 hard drives, 1 DVD burner and 8 gigs of ram. I overclocked my phenom x4 955 to 3.6 ghz so it will use a little more power. I've checked in the forums and the 5850 under load can take up to 300 watts and a phenom X4 955 under load could take up to 300 watts (those are the numbers from a quick search but cannot say I thrust the source 100%). If that is the case I'm pretty close to the limit. I could be wrong but even with 3 hard drives, 1 usb joystick, 1 usb keyboard, 1 usb mouse, 1 dvd burner & DDR3 memory I'de be well under my limit..... But I am not sure anymore, I might be kind of close and under load I could be spiking out of range which causes temporarily loss of power?

I've also considered that I should look into windows 7's energy saving parameters to see if somehow the mouse and keyboard would somehow go idle due to a bug which would switch off the keyboard because of such a feature.. I'll have to check...

I also thought my keyboard (G15) was having some issues so I unplugged the mouse from the keyboard back plane usb and plugged it directly behind the PC and still the problem happens..

Did any of you exhibit this kind of behavior before? If you have any suggestion as to what the problem might be, let me know.

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April 19, 2010 at 09:16:28
it may well be that when your gaming your card is asking for too much power, as you over clocked your cpu, did you over clock the video card too, as soon as you overclock the video card it requires massive amounts more power..so you may have caused some damage to the power supply or its just asking too much..check all plugs and leads for kinks, tight fit etc, especially the video card and the power to the board, if you can try another power unit the same or larger do so, im sure you can borrow one for a couple of hours testing.
when i run my 8800gtx overclocked my power pack makes some strange sounds, as if a capacitor is leaking..but its ok when i run normal clock.

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April 19, 2010 at 09:32:09

I just overclocked the CPU but not the video card. If I didn't play with the bus settings then I should be good right?.. So it should be around 280 watts at full load.

So I guess my power supply is being taxed a little to high. I have to admit its border line with a 750 watts..

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April 19, 2010 at 09:51:21
Also all 750 watts are not available to all systems. You probably have more than one pair of 12 volt rails and each has it's own Amperage rating. You may be going over the load limits on one pair of rails while not going over on the entire power supply, but the effects are the same. You are probably under-powering something that is powered from the same rail pair as the video card and there is your power drop outs. If you buy another, look at the 12 volt rail amperage and avoid too many pairs of rails. Remember: voltage X amperage = wattage

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April 19, 2010 at 13:01:03
Run perfmon to see. It could be a software issue.

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