Solved Keyboard(s) respond with numerics only

July 20, 2011 at 16:08:25
Specs: Windows 7
Using windows 7 on a MAC the keys produce only numerics (normal mode). Any key typed repetitively produces a sequence of 01234... Shifted mode produces a similar sequence of special characters. If multiple keys are used in sequence, then the sequence continues for example abc produces 0123, and if you type any key following that the result is 4. That's the problem.

This just started to happen which leads me to think there is a virus infection. At the time I was running windows 7 from a bootcamp partition on a MAC book pro. I rebooted to OSx and keyboard operations were fine, I loaded the Windows 7 using a virtual machine. Same problem. I tried a different USB keyboard, again the same problem.

Not likely a fusion issue, or Mac issue or hardware issue. If there some crazy setting in Windows 7 that might account for this behavior?

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July 20, 2011 at 17:07:42
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You probably need drivers for the hardware if it is available. There are many books in B&N on Macs and many have chapters devoted to installing windows on them, there are probably plenty of tutorials on the web for it also so you may want to look for some. Also the Mac forum might be a better place to ask this.

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July 21, 2011 at 07:17:56
I appreciate the comments, but this is not a driver or hardware issue. Take note that this just started after I've been running windows on a Mac for two years both in native "BootCamp" mode and in a virtual machine using either Fusion or Parallels. . The hardware can be eliminated by the fact that the problem persists with a USB keyboard (and only in Windows). Driver issues are unlikely as these haven't changed in months, ie no new bootcamp software or VMWARE ToolKits. On a subsequent reboot, the problem cleared up, but I'm sure it will happen again.

This issue could be unnerving for an average user with little knowledge. I believe it is important to get to the real cause so others won't waste time reloading drivers, and other mostly unrelated things.

The real problem is some software setting or special condition or keyboard sniffer that has gone bad. From what I've read this same thing appears to be the result of installing "Constant Guard" part of the Comcast package for security. I cannot prove it, as my problem "went away" on the third reboot. But this problem did start occurring in more subtle ways after installing the Comcast security package.

What I've noticed about Constant Guard is that it tries to figure out when you are typing a user name, password or other security related item. On occasion since installing the Comcast package I've noticed isolated windows or text boxes end up with the numeric only typing, other windows or text boxes are normal. Restarting the program seemed to clear it up. My report was created when all windows and text boxes entered this mode, with no escape, other than shut down and even a few reboots did not clear up the problem.

The recommended solution I've seen elsewhere is to uninstall Constant Guard.

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