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Dell Latitude e6510 laptop computer (int...
April 21, 2013 at 16:54:17
Specs: Windows 7, 2.67GHz / 4G
I just installed a new clean Win7 on my Dell laptop. During the installation I had many driver failures, so I had to seek professional assistance (at some cost) and everything is now working fine. Before I install any software, I want to create a clone of the OS in the event that I have a subsequent failure of the OS, from a virus for example, and need to replace it.

I decided to use XXClone and did create a clone of the OS. The installation procedure suggested that I test the clone just to be sure it works. My original OS is on the Drive C partition and the clone is on the Drive E partition on my hard drive. I have not been able to run the clone because I am unable to tell the computer to boot from Drive E.

Any suggestions on how to test the clone?

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April 21, 2013 at 17:55:50

Please let us know if you found someone's advice to be helpful.

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April 22, 2013 at 04:19:57
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A clone or other back up should always be on another distinct drive since the problem you are recovering from may be a drive failure itself. This can be a distinct internal drive or an external drive.

I do not know that software so I will leave the specific advice to the above (link), But with Windows 7 I recommend using the built in Back Up system for backing up and making an image of the bootable drive. In addition to being able to save the drive image to an internal or external hard drive, you can actually save it to multiple DVD's. Once you make a back up and an image of the drive, you would then make a Windows 7 Repair disk on a CD or DVD right from the back up section/program and this is bootable. The Repair Disk can perform a few important functions for you like:
1- A Start Up Repair.
2- A System Restore to a saved restore point when the system is not bootable or the built in System Restore becomes corrupted and will not launch.
3- Restore the backed up drive image to the same or new hard drive. Once the drive image is restored, a normal back up restore will work for all of your current personal files.
I have reliably used the repair disk to perform all of these functions, it simply works the way it was intended and does it without any outside software that may need to be purchased, re-downloaded, or become unavailable for any number of reasons.

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April 22, 2013 at 06:32:49
To Fingers:

I just acquired both the computer and Win 7. I have no experience with Win 7 yet and was not aware of its cloning capabilities. Thank you very much for your guidance, especially for the amount of detail you included in your response which I'm sure took a good amount of time.

I just bought "Windows 7 for Dummies" so I can learn how to use Win 7. I hope the clone capability is fully explained therein. If not, I'll pursue getting the info with an Internet search.

Many thanks.

Bob K.

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