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I Have Graphics And Graphic Rating 1.0.

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my graphic rating is 1.0.
i have intel i3 processor with windows 7 as my o.p system..i dont have an external graphic card but an integrated one(Integrated video: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD ).
it is compaq presario CQ3540IX Desktop PC.
what should i do improve rating….


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  1. well the rating is 1.0 because ur intel media graphics sucks plain and simple.
    to improve it a need a real video cardlike gtx 550, gtx 560 or similar these will cause ur rating to jump to 6.5-7 easily and of course improve ur experience

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  2. Your System Specs:…
    Your system can run a quality graphics card as Toxic51 listed, BUT you WILL need to replace your power supply since you only have a 250Watt power supply that came with your computer.
    Your computer also only has 1GB of memory which is the bare minimum with Windows 7 32bit. You should also consider adding more memory, either another 1GB (if you have a single RAM stick) that matches the one you have, or a matched pair (2x2GB) 4GB set (a little bit over 3GB usable with your 32bit Windows 7). This will also improve your computing experience. I will give you a couple of links on the types you may want to consider.………
    An upgrade like this one would improve your system to the point that you should be happy with it through another generation of systems until you will be ready to replace it. You can do these in steps if you like, but you would need to replace the power supply before or at the same time as the graphics card. Note that the power supply I recommended is not a cheap’o model, has an 80% certified Bronze rating, a single 12 volt rail, Active PFC, is made by a quality brand, but is in the reasonable price range (avoid the Junk out there). Note that all of the products that I listed have high customer recommendations. If you prefer to shop locally, print out these pages with the DETAILS tab showing so you can compare the important details, try to get the same if possible, and maybe use it to bargain on the price. If you only see different alternatives, post the make and models here for advice before you purchase. If possible find them on or to confirm specs and get consumer opinions on them.

    You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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  3. Well I have an Intell i3 with internal graphics and the Gaming and 3d graphics come out at 5,5 so with a rating of 1.0 there is some other problem.
    More memory would help. 2 Gbs is barely enough for Windows 7

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  4. The amount of RAM that is shared may be too little. Increasing the total amount of system RAM should allow you to share more with your Intel graphics.

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