Solved I have a sharing problem

January 3, 2014 at 10:29:20
Specs: Windows 7, 500 3Ram
I reloaded my pc again and in about 10 ten minutes State:Shharing with the two headed icon poped up again at the bottom of Administrative tools from control panel>system and security>Administrative tools and there at the bottom it shows when I click any of them Component Services - Computer Management etc. Also Administrator has turned into a two headed Administrators. Is there a hotfix or a Command Prompt that I can enter to turn this off? I feel like I am being keyloggered. I tried turning off all wi fi and even all remote in Services to no avail. I need a hot fix or Command Prompt. Maybe somebody knows the best firewall but it happen without me having signed in to internet. It is like this thing is ready to jump on right after I reload. Is Umbuntu spelling off but I may try it-- safer? What is this?
Yes I mean Factory Restore from disc this is a little 4 tear old Inspiron laptop and I am not on any private network just Comcast through a modem. You will say that is safe well if you do you have not experienced these things. I took this little laptop off of wifi and put it on a long ethernet because I woke up with signs flashing and mouse moving one and a half years ago I crossed with the pc geek and maybe it is him or what? I do not much care I want it off this is supposed to be my pc. Off and on it goes and I clean it and it stays on awhile than starts acting up again. I thik microsoft should be ashamed to release win 7 it has holes like a darn sponge. So is there a command to turn it all off? I am way past clicking this or that folder sharing center I have turned off remotes in service except that RPCSS and group policy will not let me. So, don't any users of this site know how to block this and turn off all sharing?
I do not know what else to do with it but drench it in water and write on paper. Why not? I stayed up all night with this thing. I could pay a typist to transfer my writing but you know with a system like win 7, turning off all sharing should have a command. I want that.I want a Command Prompt to turn off all sharing once and for all. ICSSsss dang

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January 3, 2014 at 11:04:45
I reloaded my pc again"
Do you mean factory restore?

There are a couple of references to "again" but I can't find any related previous posts.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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January 3, 2014 at 14:21:08
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A factory restore should set you clean.
Setting up two users just after restore, one admin and one regular user (both password protected) so nothing can be installed or altered while running under normal user without the admin password (daily use) should help prevent it from happening again.
Shutting down fully or at least manually setting the machine to sleep while you are not actively using it is also a good security measure that will put you in better control of things.
In addition to running a good antivirus program (not Norton or McAfee), occasional scans with Malwarebytes should pick up on anything your antivirus program misses, including keyloggers.
Making sure you have a good router with a hardware firewall as well as Windows Firewall should help as well as occasionally shutting down your internet modem (Cable, DSL, Verizon, etc) and router for a minute so that your router is given a new IP address from your ISP to help make you more invisible to outsiders.
Finally be careful what you install and always look for tag-a-long programs that install when you do not uncheck those pesky check boxes on free software.
Others may tell you if there is a more positive way to turn off all sharing.

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