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I Have A Gateway ZX6971

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I have a Gateway ZX6971 All In One Touch Screen computer. It only beeps when I start it up…One long and 2 shorter beeps. I have power to my dvd drive and can open and close it…what is the deal. Gateway said they could fix it quickly for $150. Please help

Here is what happens…

I turn on the power and hear the initial beep to start up….then approximately 2-3 seconds later it starts a long beep with 2 short afterwards. The screen NEVER lights up in any capacity and I can open/close the CD/DVD drive at will….initially if you listen when you first start it up you can start to hear it read the hard drive but immediately defaults to the beeping


1 Answer

  1. If it’s still under warranty (which I guess it’s not) it’s probably best to let them fix it.
    I’m not familiar with that model but it doesn’t seem to be a typical desktop that’s relatively easy to open up. The video must be on-board meaning a new motherboard would be the likely fix. Maybe that’s what Gateway expects and that’s why they could quote you a price.

    Someone may post in having more experience with that model but from what I’m seeing, getting it fixed for $150 may be the best you can do.

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