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I deleted my browser's cache, then I can't access some sites

September 7, 2017 at 11:26:40
Specs: Windows 7
Yesterday, I accidentally deleted my browser's cache(I wanted to delete the cookies, not the cache). I'm using Firefox and since then I can't access some sites like and pornhub anymore. I was able to access those sites for 2 years now. But now, whenever I try to access them the browser acts as if those sites never exist.

What can I do to solve this?

Thank you.

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September 7, 2017 at 12:06:15
Well you have to enter the correct url as Firefox won't know what to go to otherwise? If you don't know the correct url - web address - for whichever sites use google to find them and then you're away...

But those are very naught naughty sites, and a clean living young chap/girl like you ought to be studying how to mend a puncture, or make a custard creme pie etc...

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September 7, 2017 at 13:46:03
Dumping the cache should be done regularly. It should not affect your ability to access any sites. Don't you have those sites bookmarked? I just checked them both & they work fine. Pirate Bay's address is, not WWW is not required.

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September 7, 2017 at 17:10:24
@trvlr : I did, sir. I did exactly that. Usually, I just type "piratebay whatever" or "pornhub" on google search and click the shown links. But this time, it doesn't work. Mr.Fox bluntly say "unable to connect".

Eh? Lol. No! Don't get the wrong idea. I simply watch pornhub to learn how to do a stripte*ase while torrenting to do, well, many productive things. But you wouldn't trust me, I know :P

@riider : Thank your for checking it out for me, I'd really appreciate that. I limit cache usage in my browser to no more than 50MB. I don't have them in my bookmarks but I do in my browser's history. That's why it confuses me too since the only difference I've done to my browser is only getting rid of it's cache and then I lost access to those sites.

Yes I tried that too and I still can't get there :( I found another link though which is pirateproxycam(I did find the other ones but they're filled with annoying pop-up ads that somehow escaped the adblock extension). It seems very similar with But it's not my good old

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September 7, 2017 at 17:16:51
Install CCleaner-Slim & do a thorough cleaning of all accumulated internet garbage files, then see what happens.

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September 7, 2017 at 17:23:09
As said, clearing the cache should not have caused this so I guess something else happened.

Try Firefox Refresh:

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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September 8, 2017 at 05:23:57
I don't know... different browser? Does it have to be FF?

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September 8, 2017 at 06:10:15
FF is usually the first choice to IE... Some like Chrome - but a lot wish it had never been born. It has a slightly tarnished image/reputation in some areas.

I couldn't resist the tongue in cheek comments in my previous response...

If you're concerned about "privacy" over some sites.. then compose a list and email ti to yourself, Then whenever you need those addresses simply open that email (online) and you have the info that way?

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September 9, 2017 at 00:18:17
@riider & derek : Thanks for your suggestions. But I did that already and the reason I came here is because it didn't solve the issue :(

@techguvnor : I prefer to remain faithful with Mr.Fox because :
1.The downloader is great!(Mr.Chrome can sometimes betrays me in the middle of a big download</3)
2.I have a good relationship with his "assistants", you guys would call them "extensions"(videodownloaderhelper, downthemall, ublock origin, anonymox, etc)
3.I don't know why but with IE and Mr.Chrome, they strictly won't allow me access government blocked sites easily(torrent sites included). Mr.Fox, on the other hand, is somehow able to bypass those restrictions rather easily.

@trvlr : Thank you for the suggestion. I tried that just now. Unfortunately though, I still can't access those sites :(

Anyway guys, I'm sorry for causing so much trouble. Maybe I should just give up this time :( But thank you so much for being so kind and helpful. I'd really appreciate that. Besides, at least I learn some new things; 1.)Dumping cache should be done regularly 2.)Cache wouldn't cause such a problem 3.)Access some addresses via self-written e-mail for the sake of privacy 4.)Those sites are too naughty for me xD

Have a good day everyone and God bless this awesome forum<3

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September 9, 2017 at 05:24:17
I don't much about FF but possibly there has been a change in proxy settings for the browser; FF preferences/advanced

Also security and privacy settings; have any of those changed - or may be affecting the situation?

Another long shot - download and burn to a DVD the Kaspersky Rescue disk ISO. Then boo t with that. It will load a linux based OS into RAM only; then will go online to update its definitions etc. After-which it will scan the entire drive - "all" windows files included" and clear out any pests/nasties it find...

And if you haven't already run all of the following - then do so...

Run them in this order:



Junkware Removal Tool (JRT)

Installs to the desktop, from you run it. It will open into a small dis style window; follow instructions therein. It will reboot the system as part of its process.

One other solution that occasionally resolves similar issues is to cold boot the router. Power down; leave it for about five minutes - remove the main/power cord too (or otherwise ensure there are "no" volts going into the router. Power up and see if problem if persists or not?

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September 11, 2017 at 07:11:12
I do love you calling it Mr. Fox.

I approve.

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September 11, 2017 at 16:43:29
I wonder if there is a "Mrs"?

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September 14, 2017 at 04:18:33
Mr. Fox must be dating Mrs. Explorer

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