i cant hear movie sounds very well how to fix

April 3, 2011 at 15:04:16
Specs: Windows 7
trying to watch a movie in windows media player the sound on media player is maxed as well as computer sound and i cant hear the movie very well at all what can i do to enhance the sounds of the movie

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April 3, 2011 at 20:57:32
3 spots. Media Player volume, Speaker icon on tray for system volume, and mechanical speaker's volume control. if all three of these are on high and you are not getting a proper volume, then it is one of two things. To eliminate one, use any other stored sound like music file or CD to see if the volume is good there. If anything else is good, then your system's sound if fine and you are probably using a bootleg movie and it is a poor copy. If nothing has good sound, then try updating your sound driver. If that does not work, purchase a sound card (not too expensive these days) and you are back in business. Post back results for more advice.

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July 9, 2011 at 09:47:10
Hi I chose this question because it was closest to my problem, which is:

My windows media player and my music blogs have very, very low volume. This just happened. Yesterday the sound was fine. I have checked another program software that I use every day, and it is LOUD. So that eliminates a computer sound problem,

Where do I go from here? (It's not a case of a cheap movie, that I can replace.)

I have already turned up the volume within my music programs to the max, and in my computer volume mixer, everything is at the max! What can have caused this?

PS ~~~~I'm a musician and I recently added Soundcloud and Reverbnation, and have uploaded my music to those, but the volume in them was satisfactory until today! What I mean by low volume now is, I have to have the speaker 2" from my ear in order to hear it. Yet from anther program, it is LOUD.

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