how to see xp shares?

August 18, 2010 at 09:49:10
Specs: Windows 7
I have put my win7 box on my network. I went through a great deal of forum reading to do this and after so I’m now able to see all of my xp boxes on win7 but cannot log in to them. All of the xp boxes see the win7 and log in just fine ( also to the other XP boxes ). Also I can log in to my linux box from win7 just fine.

I’m looking for someone that has some knowledgeable insight to this. Searing on forums and helpful links is great and has served me well but I don’t need any more unless its specific to this issue.

I must also point out I don’t add use to xp or win7, I use all admin shares. \\computerName\c$ and log in with the admin on the connecting box. All administrator accounts have the same password. When I type in “\\computerName\c$” or brows via network I’m asked to log in to that box I cannot do so and get prompted to log in again.

Any ideas?

Info I though might help to know:

>this is a small network on a WINS server (samba). Win7 is set up at Public ( work didn't show computers )
> I use a linux box as my gateway.
>All under the same workgroup
>this is a 192.168/24 network.
> I have pass protected sharing off on both public and network.
> and set 40 56-bit encryption.
> I have tried: "Add a new value DWORD ( 32 Bit or 64 Bit, depends on OS version), name it LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy and give value 1. Restart the machine and check the share " ( I think this is the revere problem but tried anyways )

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August 18, 2010 at 11:47:42

FIXED - For some reason Win7 and VISTA are picky about the time being set correctly on both PC's. The time was correct within one minute but the date was off by 2 weeks. After fixing the date on XP3, everything works correctly.

This is quoted from another source but was my issue...

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