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how to reformat Windows 7 using recovery disk

Sony Vaio vpceb3kfx/wi notebook
December 3, 2010 at 08:57:01
Specs: Windows 7
This is an answer to my on question, I posted this because I could not find instructions anywhere. I had to reformat my sony vaio laptop because it got a win32 virus. I had already created my recovery disk (there are a million posts on how to do this) but when I looked up how to use my recovery disk the instructions simply said to insert recovery disk one, restart and it will begin automatically. This is not correct. There are a few options to pick before it will begin automatically and if you are like me then you won’t know which ones to pick and there are no posts on this anywhere. When you have inserted the disk and rebooted it takes you to a screen with two options: VAIO rescue or recovery win7 64 bit. I thought “ ok recovery disk, I should probably pick recovery”. This was wrong, it took me to a bunch of options and none of them would recognize my disk. The right one to pick is VAIO rescue. The it takes you to the next 3 options; pick the first one, it says something like rescue wizard. This will prompt you to save important files to external hard drive, I had already done this so I clicked the skip button. It then gave the option to restore factory image, which I picked and it will warn you that all files will be deleted. This will then start the process automatically, stopping periodically to prompt you to insert the next disk (recovery disk are created either on 3dvds or 7cds).

The break down:
1. Save important files to external hard drive
2. Insert first recovery disk.
3. Restart computer
4. Pick VAIO rescue, first option
5. Pick rescue wizard, first option
6. Click skip when it asks to save files (unless you skipped step one, then just follow prompts)
7. Restore factory image. (it will now start automatically only stopping when you need to put in next disc)

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December 3, 2010 at 08:58:36
This is how to reformat using previously created recovery disks for windos 7 on sony vaio notebook

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