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how to install 2 operation system in 2 partitions

October 17, 2012 at 18:27:48
Specs: Windows vista, 4 GB
I have a laptop with widows 7 installed that I download online, after that I made a partition and installed a new windows 7 with another language. It works pretty good.
Now I am thinking to get a new computer with windows 7 installed and make a new partition and then install the same operation system using the restore disk that I am going to make from the original windows 7 that will come with the computer. It's like clone my operation system to a new partition.
The reason I want to do this is to have one partition to work and the other to do whatever I want to because I have a software from work that should not work on cluttered computer.
Any help will be ready appreciated.

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October 17, 2012 at 20:42:01
Installing a Windows 7 system that you downloaded "online" sounds suspect. Microsoft do not provide downloadable systems so one must presume that you have a pirated system in which case you will not get any help here.

Your idea regarding using a restore disk will not work due to the differences which will exist regarding drivers, motherboard and a host of other conflicts... in short it is doomed to failure.

It appears also that you are using software which (from reading your post) appears to belong to your employer.

I think you should give some thought to re-posting your question and make very clear just exactly what you are doing.

Please accept my apologies if my assumptions are incorrect.

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October 18, 2012 at 05:44:48
I am a home Transcriber and I use the software provided by my employer business, and I don't want to use any other program on the same partition. That's the reason I would like to purchase a brand new computer and make one partition to install whatever I need to work. I have done this for years on windows xp but my employer changed the software and works better on windows 7. I dont want to use any illegal software. I just want to dual boot windows 7 and windows 7 with the same software that comes installed . Thank for your help.

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October 18, 2012 at 10:24:45

If you want to create an image of the existing windows 7 that you have that is very much possible however you need to capture the image through either using winpe disk or using WDS tool, to do this you must have complete knowledge of MCITP.
for more on this go to microsoft link.

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October 18, 2012 at 11:43:33
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Audares Juvo

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October 25, 2012 at 09:10:07
I really appreciated to all who answered my question but if anyone is trying to become a computer troubleshooter try investing more time doing the homework. I had windows vista installed on C and I reinstalled it several times because I had problems. Every time I reinstalled it I used the DVD (OS) that came with the computer(Dell)
So I decided to make a partition without formatting C, so I did and using the same DVD, I installed the operation system on another partition.
OS= operation system

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October 25, 2012 at 11:20:42
Yes you certainly can do multiple installs to the same machine if you have the DVD.

Issue you have is you don't have a DVD but a download Even a clone of the existing OS won't help since putting it on a different partition makes its registry entries invalid.

Your solution is simple: just get the Windows 7DVD with your new pc purchase

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October 25, 2012 at 18:20:26
As far as I know the OEM installation can be reinstalled on the same machine but I if I remember correctly, only one instance of it can be on that machine. With a retail version though, you are still restricted to one machine but not to one installation at a time only so to be legal you may need to purchase a retail or at least a second OEM license (drivers you can download easily enough).

It will need to be a new installation rather than a reimage of a drive image of your C drive in order to have the proper boot sector for it to work as a dual boot.

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October 30, 2012 at 20:48:37
You want to do a new computer, based on the system that comes in it's recovery partition. If the system is already more or less installed and partitioned, use the windows disk manager C:\Windows\System32\diskmgmt.msc to shrink the existing user partition, the one with the first windows installed on it. This is the best time to do it, before you start using it, since everything will be more or less defraged and contiguously placed (all at the begining of the disk, with the free space at the end), so it will be easy for the disk manager to shrink the volume. Then, using the disk manager, create a new partition with the unpartitioned space. Then reboot into your recovery partition, and go through the installation process, select the new partition you just made to install to. The installation will make it a split boot, with a 30 second window to choose which system to boot. The only issue here, is the latter system will become the default, but you can use EasyBCD from Neosmart (it's freeware) to configure the boot menu how you want it, like changing the default, and the timeout. If you have to run the recovery to initially install it, you can use the installer program (the PE) to just make 2 seperate partitions to begin with, otherwise, its the same thing. I do this for people from time to time, and highly recomend it. The only way to REALLY be able to depend on winodws is to make it redundant, and extra os on the same system can't be beat for that. I have windows on a usb hard drive because there is just about nothing you can't fix with another working os booted on the failed machine, and plenty that can't be fixed any other way. I have 2 systems, on seperate hard disks installed in my own desktop, for the same reason, I know why you want to do this. Actually, I modified one to work through the usb interface, that's my usb drive, I take it out, when I have to, and connect it with the old ide to usb cable. I'm not sure if making my system portable like that is proper, but it's indespensable to me like that. It's actually the drive and system from my previous machine, RIP, it's "ghost" lives on in my new one. But there is nothing wrong with installing the recovery partition into as many partitions, or extra drives you have on the computer it came on, as long as it's on the computer it came on, in fact, it's the best thing to do, imo. Go for it. Also, consider making the second partition as small as possible, such that you can make a backup image of it that can be stored in the first partition, just in case, and make the second partition (that you have backed up) the frontline system. If it gets infected, corrupted, or otherwise destroyed, simply run the other system, and overwrite the damaged partition with the backup image. I use winhex for this.

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