How to change Win7 home folder for a user?

December 13, 2010 at 15:34:41
Specs: Windows 7

I restored my user files from the Emergency folder backup created by the Dell Recovery disks. Let me stick to an example. My son "Mikey". His home folder in Windows 7 was C:\Users\Mikey and this folder was indeed restored from the Emergency backup.

The recovery did not restore my user accounts. Bummer but no problem; I can just create user "Mikey" afresh, right? Sorta, but it bypassed (snubbed?) \Users\Mikey and instead created \Users\Mikey.dabox, where dabox is my machine name. Before he commits too much to his new home folder, I want to reset his home folder to the original \Users\Mikey.

Following the directions in an article in this forum (though I can't find it again) I did the following:
1. Started regedit
2. Navigated to COMPUTER\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
3. Clicked on each long entry that begins with HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\S-1-5-21-.. until I found the path name C:\Users\Mikey.dabox
4. I changed the name of the folder to C:|Users\Mikey

That should have set Mikey's home folder to C:\Users\Mikey...

Well it failed. When Mikey logs in, the system informs him it is "Preparing your Desktop" and it presents him with the default background. It then pops a message that states (as best as I can quote it - it fades before I can capture it):
You have been logged into a temporary profile. Any files you create will be deleted when you log out.

What did I overlook? Whoops, a few things:
1. The Restored "Mikey" folder is marked "Read Only"
2. The folder is not owned by Mikey; it is in fact owned by "Administrators".

I went into Windows Explorer and fixed these items: I unset the Read-Only attribute (which seemed to propagate down the directory tree) and set the owner to Mikey (displays as dabox\Mikey), gave Mikey full ownership of the folder and sub-folders.

Now that should have solved the problem and allowed him control over the folder, right? Weelll.. Double bummer! I get the identical screen and message. Even after rebooting!

What have I overlooked this time? BTW, when I look at folder again, even after unsetting the Read-Only, I still find it set as read-only. Could this be my problem? How do I remove a persistent Read-Only attribute? (I'll look elsewhere for that answer.)

Thank much for advice on this.

-- Rasputin Paskudniak

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December 14, 2010 at 00:33:22
do you have a win7 file backup, you could just replace all files and folders from there and save a lot of time and frustration.navigate to the win7 backup, double click choose restore files, search for particular folders and restore.

i hate computers!
but cant help myself....

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