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How Do I Recover Laptop Password From Deceased Relative

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how to recover a password that I purchased from a grandson who,s grandmother died without giving him or anyone else in the family the password to her Compaq Presario CQ60-615DX. laptop. There must be a way to recover it from the computer. HELP!!!!!!!!


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  1. Contact Compaq perhaps and see if they will help… They or the original vendor may possibly help – but likely they will require some proof of ownership to back up your story.
    Sadly more than a few come to forums seeking help with kit they have acquired – one way or another, legally or otherwise… Not being able to truly separate genuine from stolen… most forums tend to decline to help directly – other than to suggest contact previous owner or vendor. Or go hunt on the internet in general for an assortment of hacks…

    If it’s the actual windows logon… answers on the web a plenty to resolve that; and of course you could simply reset/restore it to factory state…

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  2. Obtain Windows CD (XP, Vista, 7, 8, doesn’t matter process is largely the same)
    Set the bios to boot from CD first.
    Boot off Windows CD into setup
    At setup hold shift key and press F10
    This will bring up a command window
    In the command window type “control userpasswords2” and hit enter
    Highlight admin account and reset and set a new password.

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