How do I install windows 7.

January 4, 2011 at 16:20:58
Specs: Windows 7 ultimate 64, quad core 3 ghz exteme
The issue is that I have a computer with an EVGA 790i Ultra digital mobo, Intel Quad core extreme 3ghz processor, 3 EVGA GTX 280 3 way SLI, and I had it running in a raid config and it was working fine until one of the 3 1TB hard drives died. So now I am trying to get it back up and running Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit which I was running before and had no problems installing but this time I as usual took out 2 video cards left only 1 stick of ram in as before plus I am only trying to install it on one hard drive. The problem is when I start the install it errors saying that it can't find any drives so as usual I have the latest drivers on a cd and it does not matter what driver I point it to for sata or raid it will not see the drive to install to. After a few tries I even formatted the drive to NTFS in advance and it still would not work. It is driving me crazy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Kerry.

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January 4, 2011 at 19:50:32
You probably need to reset your your BIOS settings for single drive and turn off RAID options or reset to defaults and start your settings from scratch. If your RAID is not on the MB's chipset but on a separate chip, you may need to use certain SATA ports (default to SATA2-0 for primary drive and save SATA2-1 for data drive or optical drive). You failed to mention what RAID you were using, but if you were using RAID 1 (and some of the other options) you should have been able to install another identical drive and the RAID array should have rebuilt it (though not for RAID 0).

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January 4, 2011 at 20:48:52
Thanks for the reply. It was a raid 0 so rebuiding not an option, the raid controller is on the mb and I have reset the bios settings and the hard drive is in sata2-0. Hopefully there are some more ideas. Thanks. Kerry.

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