Solved how can I get my acer 5542 to load windows 7

April 23, 2015 at 08:06:54
Specs: Windows 7
acer 5542 will power up but will not load windows. I have tried all the repairs offered in it's repair section. No matter what I do it ends up with a blue screen with no choices and will stay there forever until you power off. how can I fix this?

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April 23, 2015 at 08:58:19
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The blue screen info might be useful to some folks here; I used to be able to decipher etc. its contents - but it was an age ago...

Does it not boot into safe-mode? Have you tried last known good config?

You say you have tried all the repair options offered...

This is a laptop so it "might" be worth try Derek's often suggest fix; which surprisingly at times doth work... viz:

Remove mains power - "and" the battery; press and hold the on/off button for about 30secs. Then restore battery/mains power and see if it this odd process has resolved it... Odd though it may sound it does often resolve a range of problems...

Meanwhile.. were there any issues prior to the current situation; and odd events?

There are two styles of repair in windows; one via the recovery console (personally seldom found it to of any real effect/use), and the other NOT via the recovery console. The latter is in effect a repair installation - more or less an overwrite of the current installation. (Theoretically it doesn't overwrite/erase your personal files etc. but wise to take precautions for those regardless - see later details below).

Details on the repair installation routine here: (This is the M$-discussion about it.)

I would read all three and likely follow either of the first two - as they seem a little clearer than the M$ version...?

Key issue of course is your personal files safety... If they aren't already safely copied off the system - typically to DVD and/or an external hard drive - then do that before attempting any kind of repair... That way your files will be safe in event of anything happening that in effect wipes them from the drive as is...

An Ubuntu disk (Linux variant) will allow that process of safeguarding files...

Download the ISO an burn to a DVD; boot with that DVD. It will load itself in RAM only and the hard drive is merely a resource for the RAM installed Linux OS. Thus you can locate and copy your files to external media... Verify the copies are OK of course before proceeding with any repair routines... is where to find the ISO.

There is an excellent third party repair utility too - which I did try out and was impressed with it. And for once it actually does what it says on the label...

It is well created; advises a few useful things to do first... However it (if I recall correctly) requires that one is able to at least boot into windows (safe-mode at least); but can't confirm that.. Currently on a Mac system...

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