Solved hii!! my dell latitude e4310 laptop are not switch on,why?

August 30, 2015 at 14:40:38
Specs: Linux
my windows 7 dell latitude e4310 is not switch on ,why and how to again start my laptop,so please tell me what i can now to operate my laptop, when i on my laptop only on light showing not open and suddenly close the switch on light so please help me

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August 30, 2015 at 15:29:13
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Appreciate that English is not your mother tongue so it's not easy for you to explain what's happening?

Are you using the mains/power adapter/charger to run the laptop; or is it only running on battery? If the problem is when running on battery only - try with the charger unit attached.

Is the battery charging OK; there will be light to indicate if the battery is charged or charging?

Does the laptop power up - and show "any" lights at all?

Are there "any" sounds or signs of things happening inside - fan noise perhaps?

Something to try whilst people here try to resolve the problems with you...

Disconnect the charger/mains adapter from the laptop; and then remove the battery too.

Now press and hold for about 10-15seconds the on/off button on the laptop.

Having done that, re-install the battery, and reconnect the mains adapter/charger unit to the laptop - and ensure the mains is "on' at the wall socket where the charger is plugged in.

Watch to see what lights (if any) come on; and listen for noises too (fan and hard drive spinning up)?

This is from the Dell Support site for you Latitude - it's the Service Manual:

On the Diagnostics page (it's a few pages in - but there are no page numbers) there is list of what the various indicator lights mean. Have a look and see if the information there corresponds to anything happening on your Latitude.

This is a link to the basic features/setup guide for your Latitude. It shows what the various lights, buttons etc do; and on the second page it shows where the battery and mains indicators are.

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