FAST Speed Tests -But SLOW Web Page Loading -XP runs Fine???

Macintosh / G5 1.8 powerpc
January 2, 2012 at 16:40:00
Specs: Win 7 Home Premium, Intel
I have just purchased and Installed an New DELL Windows 7 Premium PC with an i5 processor and 6 GB of RAM

On my Same home network....I also have a really OLD Dell XP Home PC with a P4 processor and 1 GB of RAM


While the new i5 is much faster just running programs.....when I open a Web Page (IE, FireFox, or Chrome)'s REALLY SLOW to load the page.

Occasionally, I get a message that states "This page is not accessible"....and I have to refresh to get it to load.

And...once the page does load....clicking on any link (to another page or another site)....has the same SLOW lag while the pages loads.

SPEED TEST: BUT....I can go to one of several speed test sites (like while the page is SLOW to load....once the actual Speed Test DOES runs FINE...and reports my expected bandwidth (around 3 Mbts)....which is what it should be).

I can spin my chair around the the Old XP PC and open the browser....and pages load MUCH faster.


-Uninstalled all the "Bloat Ware" that comes with many of the Dells.
-Stopped everything but 2 or 3 basic items from the startup (in msconfig).
-Run 2 different registry cleaners after uninstalling
-Turned OFF the Windows firewall to see if it made a does I turned it back on.
-Checked the network connection settings to make sure the IP and DNS are set to automatic (just like the old XP computer).

The only program loading at start-up is plain old Microsoft Security Essentials.
There are NO aftermarket Firewall programs installed.


I was really looking forward to getting a nice new snappy i5 PC....but as soon as it opens ANY's Much Slower that the OLD XP

Any suggestions Greatly Appreciated.

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January 3, 2012 at 01:30:02
Do you have the same browsers and same versions and same settings (i.e. IE 8 ) on the old and the new PC ? If different, then different browsers have different web page control mechanisms. Especially old PC may have less control on the web pages. Therefore, web pages load faster.

I suggest you check the browser add-ons and identity spoofing filters and whatnot and turn them off temporarily for test purposes.

Are using the 64-bit IE without add-ons or 32-bit IE with add-ons ?


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