Ethernet won't display in Network Connections

July 10, 2011 at 04:22:07
Specs: O2 or something?..., Not Sure
I just installed Windows XP Pro SP2 From 7 to XP ( My graphics card could not get installed..not important). Anyways once I installed XP it I noticed I did'nt have a connection when opening Internet Exploer, I went to troubleshoot and I got to a set where I was promoted to opening Device manager It opened up a listing of "Other Devices" with question marks beside them I installed the drivers from the system itself but when I got to the "Ali PCI Fast Ethernet" driver it gave me a code" 10 " error and could not start the device. My Modem is a Speedtouch with built-in router its connected directly in the computer. I manged to install all other devices from the PC data itself but " Ali PCI Fast Ethernet " does not start. Can anyone PLEASE give me the Drivers for the Ethernet plugin, I have no way in reciveing internet on the darn thing. Also I went under Modem I installed some oddly named Modem but that didn't help. PLEASE does anyone know the drivers or fix for this?

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July 10, 2011 at 05:41:17
Unfortunately most newer hardware was never intended for using with XP so the manufacturers do not have drivers written for it. If your ethernet is 'onboard' (on your motherboard) you will have to get the driver from their website if it is available. If not then you may have to disable it in your BIOS and use an NIC/PCI card but make sure XP drivers are available for the one you choose before you purchase it. No one can give you more specific than this since you chose not to include your spec's.
WHY would you decide to take a Windows 7 machine and mess things up by installing XP on it??? XP was very good for it's time as evidenced by how many years it has been THE operating system in home and business, but its time has past. Granted it still is viable and a good choice for those resurrecting old hardware, but it does not compare to Windows 7 on new hardware and Microsoft will be phasing out support for it soon. IF you just need support for programs that you cannot replace you can try them under compatibility mode and if that fails just install XP under a virtual machine with much less trouble and in less time.

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July 10, 2011 at 06:46:31
Vice-Versa, My PC was upgraded to windows 7 it was made for Windows XP which was a bad choice to upgrade such an old computer. I didn't have much interest until my father deiced to upgrade it so I wanted to downgrade like 6 years later(PC is 11 years old!) unfortunate I had to get an illegal copy of windows since I my father lost the disc, I get a code 10 error which the Ethernet driver which was fixed on other forums, I just didn't understand it.I mainly wanted to downgrade because no one used this garbage of a computer and its got a good graphics card but can't upgrade the card becuase the programs think its 7 when the system is XP so it fails the system test when trying to use XP drivers and Window 7 supported drivers for my PC make the card 100% useless, the graphics card was about $100-$200 and is intended to work at 9800 ever since I've been using other poop-deck drivers that make the card run at a GeForce 5200... Thanks for support anyways.

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