Downgrde to Win Vista from Win 7 U

July 3, 2011 at 16:32:06
Specs: Windows 7 Ultimate, AMD Turion X2 64, 4GB Ram
I bought a laptop with Vista preinstalled 3 years ago. I upgraded to Win 7 but I want to go back to Windows Vista and completely reset to factory state. Win 7 will not start; it prompts for password then just hangs up and will not progress to desktop. How can I swap out Vista for Win 7 and excorsise the demons from my HP?

Cannot Downgrade to Vista

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July 3, 2011 at 18:24:52
It may be possible to revert to the factory installation of Vista if you still have your Recovery Partition still intact. That said, I would recommend that you use your Windows 7 installation or upgrade disk to do a Start up repair/repair install so that Windows 7 works again and then do a system restore to a time when it worked better than it did when you began having trouble. You also can use the Windows 7 disk to reformat your C drive and completely reinstall Windows 7 fresh and clean (after backing up your files) and have the 'brand new' feel and the better operating system too (make sure if you completely reinstall, you will need to reinstall all Windows 7 drivers for your system. If you kept your Vista drivers the first time, then you should also install Windows 7 drivers after a repair also for best functionality)
IF you still want to try going backwards to Vista, then read the following:
If you do not have an intact recovery partition you still may be able to go back to Vista but you will have to purchase a recovery disk set from HP for your Vista.
I still would recommend staying with Windows 7 as the better system. If you have not been happy with it and you originally did an upgrade install, you may be better off backing up and doing a full/clean install.

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July 5, 2011 at 05:18:06
Thanks a lot for the reply! There are a couple of new problems though, so I'll explain them here.

1. I didn't do the install, a friend of mine did it for me. That means I don't know if he kept the Vista drivers or installed the W7 drivers or what have you. I also don't know if the recovery partition is intact as it was when I bought is, or if Win7 made the recovery partition its own. I know, I'm half a dumbass for not doing it myself... anyway there's the first issue.

2 (this is awesome, my life is so great lately). The laptop in question here was, just yesterday, STOLEN from my house. Some low-life (I might know who) broke into my house and stole my laptop, my room mate's laptop and my room mate's PS3. They left everything else alone which is why I say I might know who it is... if it is him I'm gonna crack his damned head for him.

So there it is... I may not have to do any kind of reinstall or recovery (I had decided to keep Win7 after all), because people suck and someone robbed it from my house. I'll buy a new one if I have to which will have the software already loaded.

In the event that I catch the thief and I can both recover my laptop and stomp his ass, I do have a couple more questions: How can I go about getting my hands on a Win7 Ultimate Installation DVD? I've got a product key but no disc. I've searched for a DL of it but with no luck. I'd rather not pay for one if I can help it. I've asked my friend who installed it for me originally to bring me his disc but no word from him. I'd like to have my own anyway, so, do I order it? Can I get it for free?

The problem actually wasn't Windows 7, it was others using my PC and my own woeful ignorance regarding IT type tasks. I can use a PC without breaking it, typically, but fixing a broken one is tough for me.

Thanks a lot for the help, and thanks in advance for any help yet to come. Have a good one.


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July 5, 2011 at 17:07:14
With the key you may be able to get a replacement media from Microsoft, you would have to contact them and there will be a small charge. You also could purchase from someone on ebay since you do not need the key, it should be safe and inexpensive, but I would try Microsoft first.

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