Disappearing mp3's & other issues in WMP

Microsoft Windows 7 home premium
September 2, 2010 at 23:10:29
Specs: Windows 7 Home Premium, Phenom II x4 945, 4gb RAM
1. I am periodically having various mp3's disappearing from my WMP library. When I have observed it happening, it's right after I edited or changed something in the list nearby. When I check the directory where the files are contained on the hard drive, the files are still there, but WMP no longer sees them. Has anyone else seen this problem? How do I get WMP to see them again?

2. I periodically will select a file for deletion or to play and it plays or deletes the wrong song. I am certain that I did not select the wrong song. Has anyone else seen this problem?

3. I find that somtimes when I press the Next button, the indicator moves down to the next song, but then plays the previous song over again.

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September 3, 2010 at 04:19:32
That behavior may have something to do with DRM.

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September 3, 2010 at 17:09:13
Perhaps, though I don't see how. On general principle, I have no music files that are copy protected.

Update: I just noticed that when most of these files dissapear, it's after I changed it or a nearby files rating, and then only when WMP updates the library does the dissapearance actually occur. I actually watched as half the files in an album disapeared before my eyes.

I am also finding some of these files ending up in the Recycle Bin, and have been retrieving them, only to have them end up back there again moments later.

Is there some way I can get WMP to rescan the entire database of files?

It seems to me that I saw an option to undelete deleted files on some menu in WMP, but can't now find it. Mayhap it was in a previous version of WMP?

Since It seems that most files disappear after I change a rating, I unchecked the add rating to the file box to see if that helps any. I'll follow up on how that goes.

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September 3, 2010 at 18:44:32
"I have no music files that are copy protected".

How is that possible?

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September 3, 2010 at 19:49:19
By that statement, I'm not implying that the files are pirated or lack copyrights. They simply do not have copy protections. See...

Organize > Options> Rip Music > Rip Settings > Uncheck "Copy Protect Music"

Also, depending on where you download your music, there may be no copy protections on the music. All the music downloaded from Amazon.com, for instance. There are others as well. If I wanted to, I could send the music to anyone I wanted, but that would be unethical and illegal, and I simply wouldn't do it.

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September 3, 2010 at 21:34:20
Well, I haven't used WMP for years because of that type of behavior. Un-checking a box does not make music files less copyrighted. "All the music downloaded from Amazon.com, for instance". I think you are confusing having a license to use with removing a copyright. Amazon hasn't the legal right to remove a copyright but I'm quite sure they have permission to sell copies of copyrighted music.

I suggest you try using a different player.

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September 5, 2010 at 16:47:55

' I think you are confusing having a license to use with removing a copyright.'

I think we are talking past each other and not to each other. I assure you, that I am not confused between "removing a copyright" and having music that has no copy protection. You merely misunderstood what I was saying. Amazon.com has the right to sell music for which it has paid the artists for. And when they sell thier non-copy protected music on their site, it explicitly states the rules under which the music may be used, and by downloading the music, you are consenting to those rules. Usage of that music outside those rules is illegal.

The reason I mentioned that I only have uprotected music on my computer is because I am a frequent upgrader. When the upgrade occurs, DRM decides you have copied it illegally to another computer and won't allow you to use your legally purchased music on the upgraded machine. After losing several hundred dollars worth of music this way, I now never buy DRM protected music. Simple common sense.

I will agreee however, that your advice to find another music player is good advice. I have been googling on that subject for the that last several days.

Further comments from you will be ignored. You sir, are a troll.

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