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Dell W7 PC Can't Find Gateway After Hurricane

August 29, 2011 at 06:48:54
Specs: Windows 7
Windows 7 can't find gateway

I am operating on a fairly new windows 7 Dell Desktop. I first thought ISP, but HP Laptop connects wired / wireless with no problem. I then called Dell, who went through all kinds of trouble shooting and wants $300 to fix a PC I only paid $500 for in March. Nor will they honor their warranty stating it is "Software" related and they only cover Hardware!
When I went to bed during Hurricane Irene, the whole system ran fine. I woke, booted PC, and the internet was down. I called ISP who ran trouble shooting, they advise Internet card blew during storm, even though PC was off, and plugged into Surge Protector!
Seemingy, they may be right! No matter what I did, I couldn't get on internet, and my PC advises it "Can't find the gateway". All other settings came back with results fine, and system restore did not work either. Command Prompt finds the default IP, and we also reset the IP.
I got this PC in March, and without internet, it becomes quite useless to me! Can anyone advise the logical fix for this? Thanks for your time! RGG

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August 29, 2011 at 07:40:06
Try to ping (network adapter loopback IP address)in command prompt, you should get reply if network adapter still works well.

You can also uninstall and reinstall the network adapter driver, see how it goes.

If not, you might need to get new network adapter (wireless or wired) for your desktop. Don't forget to remove the faulty network adapter from computer if this is the case.

Hope this helps.

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August 29, 2011 at 08:36:14
Hello, Thanks for your reply! I did ping, and reinstall.. this didnt help. I guess I will need a new network adapter for this rig! Is this a part I can install? Or a disk, lol. I have done RAM and have worked on a Vista Motherboard... How hard is this? LOL Thanks, Benzy!

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August 29, 2011 at 15:19:33
Compare the laptop and desktop results of the command ipconfig /all.

If you have some 168 number then it is either not connected to the router or maybe cable off or loose.

Ping to is not a very good test.

Better to try tests like nslookup and see what both computers reply.

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August 29, 2011 at 18:09:53
The only thing you accomplish by a ping, is know if you have or not a conection to the outside, and if the System says you do, then you have it just that it's not complete, the system usually says you have a limited connection but sometimes it says you have are connected period... even if you cant access the internet.

Try these tips particularly those under TIPS to reset the Network Settings.. se if "ipconfig /release" and "ipconfig /renew" commands can help.

If that doesn't work, open a command prompt window in both Desktop and Laptop and do an "ipconfig /all" and compare, if any ip comes out missing in the Desktop, copy that which comes up in the laptop, and set it manually in the Desktop Network Connection > Properties > tcp-ip protocol Properties...

If that doesn't work either, replace the MAC or Physical Address in the Network Card Properties in the Hardware Manager. Right click on My Computer\and select Manage, next Hardware Manager\Network Adapters\select the Network Card with a right click, and click on Properties\Advanced\and under properties select Network Address (Same as Physical Address), and on the right side it should be marked on "Absent"... so mark the value bar and type in the "Physical Address"* which you get from "ipconfig /all" in a Command Prompt window from the Laptop.

Just type it in without the dashes, the Physical Address (or Network Address) bar only accepts 12 digits so you need to remove the dashes to copy & paste or type in the new code, next Accept and as you do, there should be a flicker on the screen, as the Physical Adress is reset and you are ready to try with an Internet Browser. If there's still no connection, try again after a restart. What this does, is the same as "release" and "renew" the IP Address by the command prompt except that in the command prompt you can only refresh it and in the Network Card (Adapter) properties you can also change it... and with that acquire a new connection.

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