CTO error- HP laptop stuck in system recovery failure screen

Hewlett-packard / Hp pavilion dvx notebook...
March 31, 2013 at 02:43:17
Specs: Windows 7 , 64-bit, Windows service Pack 1, AMD Sempron M120 2.10 GHZ, 2.1 GHz / 1788 MB
I cant get the system recovery screen to go away to use my computer at all, it is stuck on the failure window and gives me three options, to save log, to see details of the failure which opens to a notepad file or to retry, I retried it and started all over again going through the 3 disks again but got the same outcome and am again stuck, I tried shutting it down and turning back on a couple times but goes directly to the same stuck screen!
When I looked through the details I wrote down a bunch of the information which I can detail better later by request, just not sure what all info I would need to give.
Here is what I think based on everything I have seen happen here....the windows validation popups stating I need genuine copy or enter keycode, When I start up I get a battery warning stating my battery is low, I know i need a new one but am plugged in, I have had issues in installation where it said i needed to plug in because i was using battery, which was simply not true, its confused or something, ive had to remove battery and do straight AC then it stopped telling me i was using battery of course, I had to replace battery when shutting down because i cant bring it back up without it.
2nd startup screen says that my system board (00A) is missing information or it is invalid, missing product serial, product name and other product info missing or invalid and to hit enter to continue.
based upon those clues and the fact that I sent my system off to HP and had a CPU replaced before my warranty ran out, found out a tech may have failed to input product information causing the previous two errors/warnings.

taking all that into account, when I did the system recovery and looked at the details of the failure to complete recovery, There were a lot of numbers terms and letters I didnt understand but did understand some that might fit the puzzle as follows:

Component: TDC preinstall diagnostic tools for windows7- TDC
Error found: No OS flagset on unit, please use EEPROM to set ~OS SKU~ value = 2

Component: TDC preinstall diagnostic tools for windows7- TDC
Timing: Factory Update
Error: RSTONEFUPDATE SKUoptionconfig is invalid, LOC# could not be found in product number or CTO value
Next Step: Please Use EEPROM to set LOC# in either SKU number or CTO Localization code
Component: TDC preinstall diagnostic tools for windows7- TDC
Timing: Factory Update
Error: Cannot find RSTONEFUPDATE SKUoptionconfig: 0 in optiondashcode.ini
Next Step: Please use EEPROM to check that LOC# is either in SKU number or CTO Localization code is correct
Down a ways is more with these numbers, there is these numbers all through this note in this format

***CTO Error condition has been dtected in [factory update] phase!!***
[22.56:26.47] Suggest to create PIN-log and send to TWN PDC NB-Prein PM for further analysis...

[22:48:47.36] Starts [create RSTONEFUPDATE.ini ]

Volume in Drive C has No Label
Volume Serial Number is xxxx-xxxx (thats numbers and letters)

Set UIA Error Code to 951
Starts [fixups]

SO, That is what ive grabbed from the notepad on the failure to recovery of system from boot discs, and am now stuck!! I saved logs from both trys, saved them to my external drive and now im on my daughters vista laptop trying to figure this mess out!!

I hope someone can help me make any sense of it all I dont get what the EEPROM is or the CTO or LOC# or some of the other terms, but did notice that it is basically saying that the product info, serial numbers etc. are missing or invalid, so im trying to figure out what im to do at this point?? What now? Is there a way to abort or continue recovery being stuck on that screen? a secret key? If someone can help me I would greatly appreciate it! thanks in advance! If you need more info just tell me ill do my best to return that info to u asap thanks.


I should also mention that the above from the log notes are in order found but there is a lot of info, numbers and letters and such in between here and there that I ommitted. I picked out what I understood and thought might be important, if there is something specific u want to know if its there ask and I will do my best to check and let u know.

Also in the log it says

Current edition is:
Current edition: HomeBasic

the first one is empty and second one should be Windows 7 Home Premium

Could the HomeBasic edition have been installed badly over my original somehow and if so how would I remove that to go back to the original and fix all these issues? I thought the recovery discs would take care of all these issues by restoring back to factory condition, guess i dont understand that part


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April 1, 2013 at 13:46:36
" I had to replace battery when shutting down because i cant bring it back up without it"

Something definitely wrong there. Every laptop I've ever dealt with (and that's a lot) was able to boot into Windows perfectly normally with the battery removed.

Contact HP again because there is still something very fundamentally wrong with it.

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