connecting 1 windows 7 machine and 1 windows

February 6, 2011 at 17:03:54
Specs: windows 7 64, 3 4
ive got 2 computers hooked up to a router by Ethernet sharing an internet connection, the internet connection works fine for both computers. i would like to share documents also between the computers

one is a windows xp 32
one is a windows 7 64

ive set up many networks in the past with a bunch of xp machines without any trouble but now i am having trouble
my first step was on the windows 7 machine, i went to control panel -> network and sharing center -> setup a connection or network -> set up a new network

this is where i believe i am making a mistake of some kind, it seems that the windows 7 machine is assuming that i want to set up the network wirelessly, when it is connected to the router via Ethernet. it simply brings me to a screen that says choose the wireless router or access point you want to configure, and hangs there with a greyed out next button

everything seems to be going fine on the xp machine, i created a new network called "sharebear", told it that the computer connects through a residential gateway, enabled file and printer sharing, rebooted the machine, and confirmed that there was a new folder in the network places for shared documents

i went back to the windows 7 machine where it was still hanging, rebooted it, looked for the new network in network and sharing center and it wasn't there, i tried again to "set up a new network" on the windows 7 machine with the same hanging screen

what am i doing wrong?

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February 6, 2011 at 21:27:04
the computers can see one another!

on the windows 7 machine,
under the network sharing center, if i click on the icon at the top of the screen that says "multiple networks" i can see the windows xp computer, click on it and view and read/write all the shared files! my only concern with the windows 7 machine is why do i have to click on "multiple networks", why cant i see the network i created on the windows xp machine called "sharebear"?

on the windows xp machine,
if i click "add a network place" i can see the sharebear network, with only the xp machine on it, and there's another option called "workgroup", and if i click on that i can see the windows 7 machine, but the "ok" option is greyed out

so ive made some progress but im still not where i want to be, i hope this bit of info helps u help me :)

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February 6, 2011 at 22:41:37
You need to make the 'Workgroup' name on all machines the same. On the Windows 7 machine, you do not want to create a new network (this will assume all windows 7 machines), you want to join and existing network. Once the workgroup names are the same, just use the discover networks feature. Also on your W7 machine, when you create shared folders or drives, you need to add user 'everyone' and then change rights from read only to read/write in order to have access from the XP machines. You can add individual users instead, but i found that you get into problems with asking for passwords that do not work anyway. If you are on a small home or office pier to pier network behind a router's firewall, this should be reasonable secure.

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