Computer crashed, installed 1st recovery disc

Toshiba satalite / L505d ds6000
September 1, 2011 at 10:00:28
Specs: Windows 7, ATI Mobility Radeon HD/ 4 gigs
my toshiba satalite ceased working and although i have the recovery discs, and installed the first one, it won't go pass "partition drive".....and won't download any of the other 4 discs.....what went wrong and what do i do?

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September 2, 2011 at 01:54:01
Try going back to a good Restore point.

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September 2, 2011 at 19:42:28
If the computer has a recovery partition (see manual online) then activate that and do a factory restore from there. This will wipe your drive again and reinstall to exactly the same as they shipped it.
If you did not have the recovery partition or you deleted it during formatting then you will have to use the recovery disk set you got from the factory.
If neither one works then you may have a bad recovery disk set or you may have hardware problems. This may have actually been the problem that led you to think you needed to reload Windows in the first place. The two most common hardware problems that would give you this problem would be a hard disk problem and a memory problem. The first thing is to test your memory (to test your memory does not need the hard drive but to accurately test the hard drive you need to be sure of the memory). Use Memtest86 burned as a bootable disk to test your memory. No memory errors are acceptable. Run through all tests unless you get errors. If you get errors then retest with one stick of memory at a time to find the problem sticks. Replace dual channel memory in pairs as needed if you find errors.
If you did find memory errors then fix that and try reinstalling. If you did not get errors then download a test utility from your hard drive manufacturer's website (open case if needed to identify) and burn a bootable disk for that too. Boot to that as before with Memtest and select the appropriate test and enable repair features if available (this will attempt to repair any bad segments and mark them unusable if it cannot repair them so Windows will ignore them).

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