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Can't restore to Acer laptop factory setting

Acer / 4741
March 11, 2011 at 06:24:27
Specs: Windows 7, i5/2G
before this, i had restore to factory my laptop for c partition..n i had no problem..its, i want to restore to factory again,i use the same steps, but i have a problem..the system want to restore for partition D..not partition windows install in partition c..i want to restore because my laptop always hang...i dont know why..i hope u can help me..

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March 11, 2011 at 19:00:16
Factory restore is a little drastic, and your problem may not be software related so it may not help. In fact if you problem is a bad memory module then it may hang on the reinstall and you will have nothing. It would be best if you diagnose the problem first.
Note, your recovery partition is on the D drive, but it will restore windows back to C drive as it arrived from the factory. It is the only way it will work.
You can try a system restore to a date before you began having problems and see if that helps, but before you reinstall should eliminate hardware problems first. Use Memtest86 (burn ISO image to CD and create a bootable disk), just make sure your BIOS is set to boot from optical drive first, put in the disk and restart (you may have to 'hit any key to boot from DVD drive' if prompted) and run through. If you get errors, retest with one stick at a time, replace as needed. If you memory passes all of the tests without errors, then download hard drive utility from hard drive manufacturer (you may need to remove the side of the case to see what brand) and test your hard drive for bad sectors and other problems.
There are other possibilities, but try these first and port back results for more advice. Since you already reinstalled once, even if you eventually decide to reinstall again, I would suggest eliminating the possibility of hardware issues first. I have had similar issues on two machines now that I ended up tracing back to bad memory sticks, and hard drives have been known to cause problems also if a sector starts having problems (windows also has a check disk feature with a repair feature that you launch and restart that may help, but check RAM first).

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March 11, 2011 at 22:10:20
if this machine is still under warranty, take it back.
no point in messing with a machine that shuts down.
you might also download speedfan to check your cpu temps and gpu-z to check your mobo temps, as your in pacific region temps may be a big issue.

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but cant help myself....

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