can i install Linux, XP & Win7 on same PC?

Dell Precisions workstations t1500 compu...
August 16, 2010 at 02:38:16
Specs: Windows XP

I am planning to purchase new PC and want to have Windows 7 (64 bit), XP and Linux installed in it.

Can Anyone suggest me System Configuration which serves this requirement

Right Now I am thinking of DELL Precision T1500 or HP Z-200/400

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated


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August 16, 2010 at 04:03:18
all you need to do is partition a drive with 3 partitions, then install Xp, win 7 and linux in that order, you will end up with a grub loader which will offer you a multi boot, then choose which system you want to log into.

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August 18, 2010 at 03:44:21

If you purchase the Professional (or higher) edition of Windows 7 you will be able to download for free from Microsoft a Virtualization environment. This virtual PC product comes with a fully licensed copy of XP professional which will run in the virtual PC environment. It includes a feature that allows programs running in XP to be accessible directly from Windows 7. This setup of XP is called 'XP Mode' by Microsoft.

Once you have the virtual PC setup - and it's very easy to download and setup - you can add new virtual PCs. I have managed to setup several including DOS 6.2 (although I haven't tried a Linux distro. yet).

As you are going for the 64bit version of W7 you will be able to access lots of memory, - beyond the 4gb limit of 32bit Windows - allowing you to allocate memory to your XP and Linux environments without under-resourcing the main W7 OS.

If you buy a PC with DDR3 RAM then I guess that 6gb memory would be a good choice.

Also a multiprocessor CPU would be a good choice if you plan to run processes concurrently in the different environments.

With virtual PC running you will be able to see all three OS windows and switch between them, so a video card which supports two monitors would be worth considering.


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August 19, 2010 at 22:19:29
Hi Humar,

Thanks for the info man. I am thinking of i5-750 processor, and 4 GB RAM, (after discussing with my friends i decided to go for 6 GB RAM, or may be 8 GB ) This, switching between OS's option is available in linux as well..

DDR3 RAM is fine. Should I go for ECC memory or Non-ECC memory ? ECC memory is a bit costly..

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