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Album Art Won't Display On Windows Explorer

January 20, 2013 at 01:08:45
Specs: Windows 7
I have a huge music collection that is organized based on the artist. Most of my files are CD rips tagged with the album art using AudioShell. This worked for a time until recently when, for some unknown reason, the album art no longer appears as the icon in my music files and instead the standard "blue note" icon appears instead. The album art is still embedded in the file when viewed in music players or in the file "Properties". It does not appear even when the view option is set to Extra Large and does not appear in the lower left corner of the Explorer window.
I searched Google and found that lots of other people have also encountered the same problem, but no proper solution has yet been posted. Here's what some other details that I know of the problem so far:
- the problem occurs mostly in Windows 7
- the problem happened suddenly, with no errors messages and such
- it happens regardless of tagging software used (also happens with MP3Tag, Tag Studio etc.)
- the album art is only invisible in Windows Explorer. Everything else can detect the album art normally.
- I have the same, exact files on another computer and it displays normally.
- it affects the album art for files downloaded as digital singles, not just the CD rips.
- Re-tagging does not work. Reinstalling tagging software does not work.
Although the problem is purely aesthetics, it's kinda annoying when you went through all the trouble of tagging hundreds of files and still end up with hundreds of "blue note" icons.

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January 20, 2013 at 04:51:03
Try a System Restore back to a date when all worked. If it is a change in a system file or a registry entry, this should return it to the way it was.
If this fixes it but removes some Windows Updates, try manually installing them one at a time and testing. If one of them turns out to cause it, see if it is one you can live without. Then post that update as well as send a note off to Microsoft so they can look into fixing it.

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January 20, 2013 at 08:53:28
I've noticed lots of people asking about thumbnail images
in general not appearing, replaced by the generic icon for
that file type. As well as a similar-sounding problem of all
the different icons for all different file types being replaced
by the icon for a single file type, which apparently can be
any file type.

If you have your system set to display icons of picture files
as thumbnails (the default in Windows 7), is it still working?
That is, do you still see thumbnails of JPG, GIF, and PNG
files, or do you now see only icons for them?

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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