Add XP HD to Win 7 PC to dual boot

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March 9, 2010 at 01:05:00
Specs: Windows Vista, Intel Dual Core E3200 2.4Ghz PC- 4GB
I have Win 7 on my PC, which is loaded on a 500g SATA HHD. (Intel G31 Chipset LGA 775 1333FSB DDR2 mATX Motherboard)

My wife has XP loaded on her PC, with all her accounting software installed and files etc she does not want to lose.

I have a 2nd slave(IDE) HDD setup already on my PC, but i was wondering if it is possible to also remove the HDD from my wifes PC, and install it in my PC as a 3rd HDD.

Then, is it possible to have a means to boot to the XP(wifes) HDD, when required, otherwise load to my Win 7 OS?

Is this possible?
If so how?
I have a IDE - SATA adapter, can i use it to allow the Win 7 MO to plug the 3rd HDD into one of the spare SATA outlets?


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March 9, 2010 at 03:39:18
Ya u can install the 3rd hdd and boot from it (windows xp). But u need to repair the os (win xp). U must win xp disc and boot from optical drive. If u just need to copy the data to your system, connect the drive, then start the system, u can see the drive in my computer. Ide sata adapter? Ya use it if have no ide available.
When u repair, your files will be fine.

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March 9, 2010 at 05:05:08
If after 'Repairing' XP and it works, you might have to 'repair' 7 again to create the dual boot since the XP disk may not recognize windows 7 and might overwrite the boot instead of setting up the dual boot.
If her programs will install on windows 7 then you will only need to transfer her files, wipe her old drive, and use as back up drive, or put her files back on the clean drive for her use. That might be easier, your choice, but I would back up her files first either way.

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March 9, 2010 at 17:18:50
Well all is well.

How's this.

I plugged the wifes HD into my Win 7 PC, by replacing the 2nd HD i had installed.

My pc boots up as normal, and i can browse to view driveE(wife HD).
I can navigate to any file, and the programs installed will still open the files on that drive, without the need to re-install anything.

Only issue i had was i accidently pushed one of the iDE pins in on the2nd drive i had installed, i pulled it back out,but now my PC will not boot up, if i have it connected. But that is another issue now, to get it working to obtain the data on it, if i want it.

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March 10, 2010 at 21:16:14
I actually found a solution to that too. A while ago I purchased a computer for my daughter, it was a good price and built by someone who builds gaming systems for people. When it was shipped to me, the hard drive came loose (clips not screws), and the area where the SATA power cable attached was damaged. Rather than reinstalling everything (them or me), they sent me a brand new drive of the EXACT model with the instructions to remove the circuit board from the one and and reinstall the board from the new one on it. Since the sockets were attached to the board, that solved the problem (I told them I could handle the swap), and since I had the new drive, if it did not work, I just had to use the new drive (which I did not need), and return what I did not need. Now I cannot guarantee that this will work for all drives, but it worked perfectly for this Maxtor drive and if you can find and purchase a match, it might work for you.

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