acer aspire recovery 5333-2969 download

July 13, 2014 at 11:33:31
Specs: Windows 7
i have a valid windows 7 key but my windows crash and i dont have acces anymore to my recovery, i need to know if i can dowload them from the web. for notebook acer asire 5333-2969

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July 13, 2014 at 12:09:47
"i dont have acces anymore to my recovery"

All you need to do is press the correct keys at startup. Try holding the Alt key & tap F10 immediately at startup. If it doesn't work, it could mean your system uses a different key combination OR your hard drive has died.

Hopefully you have all your important files & programs backed up.

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July 13, 2014 at 14:32:24
Before you run any form of factory reset/recovery... first see if you can save your personal files etc. off the system to external media (typically DVD at least; and ideally an external HD too).

If the system will at least boot into safe-mode you can do it that way.

If it won't boot at all... boot up with a Linux disk; and then you can access and copy all your files to external storage that way.

Go to and download/save an ISO (it's a freebie); burn it to a DVD; boot with that DVD.

It will load itself into RAM only; will not write to the HD (unless you tell it to). You can then access the HD and copy/burn files as above.

This is the Acer UK site for your Aspire; has all driers etc and other info (manuals); You may feel it's worth to download the lot and keep safe on DVD - for future use...

This the USA site:

And if you download the Generic manual (from either site) and read from page 12 onwards... it covers all the options that Factory Recovery allows... Note there are a couple... But again - first try to recover your data via a Linux disk (Ubuntu as above being one of the more current/popular flavours).

Then even if you manage to start the recovery process and can opt for the one that "allegedly" doesn't wipe/eras data... you have it all safe elsewhere (just in-case things don't go quite as planed).

Also if/when you do get it all working again - make your own set of recovery disks - which is what Acer strongly encourage from the start...! And keep them safe (and ideally make to sets... and store the two set in separate locations). Sadly very few actually make the disks...

These links may also be of interest...

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